YouTube/Desy Ayu Channel

The result is crispy and with little oil.

  10 Juli 2024 18:00

Fried dishes are hard to resist. Well, one of the fried foods that is popular with many people is tempeh mendoan. Apart from being delicious consumed directly, mendoan tempeh is also suitable as a side dish to accompany white rice.

Usually, some people use wheat flour as the main ingredient for their tempeh mendo dough. Don't forget to include various additional spices too. Unfortunately, sometimes the mendoan tempeh produced is not optimally crispy. Not to mention, the texture becomes soft because it absorbs a lot of oil.

As a solution, you can copy the recipe and tutorial for frying mendoan tempeh shown by YouTube user Desy Ayu Channel. In his video upload, this netizen appears to have replaced wheat with another type of flour. Reported by BrilioFood from the YouTube Desy Ayu Channel on Tuesday (9/7), one type of flour used is white sticky rice flour. Are you curious about the results? Check out the review below.