The letter 'L' kitchen, equipped with a mini bar, is right under the stairs

  10 Juli 2024 15:25

The cancellation of Pegi Setiawan as a suspect in the case that killed Vina and Eky cannot be separated from the role of the lawyer, Toni RM . This lawyer from Indramayu is diligent in fighting for justice for the man who works as a construction worker so that he is free from legal entanglement. His figure was immediately highlighted by the public, considering that he had not asked for payment from Pegi as far as the case was concerned.

If you hear his name, it may be quite unfamiliar to your ears, but his figure is widely known by advocates. Not only Pegi, he has often handled various cases both at regional and national levels.

There's nothing wrong with having a luxurious life. This can be seen from the portrait of a residence that was used as a legal services office in Indramayu, West Java. Toni's two-story residence looks magnificent, designed like a sultan's castle. This luxury can also be seen from inside the house.

But when you look at the kitchen, it's so different. Even though he has a magnificent residence, Toni's kitchen looks tiny. The letter 'L' kitchen, which is equipped with a mini bar, is located right under the circular staircase that connects to the second floor.

The following summarizes from various sources on Wednesday (10/7), a portrait of lawyer Toni RM's kitchen .