The moment was emotional.

  11 Juni 2024 18:46

So many blessings will come to the Syahrini family in 2024. Syahrini will give birth to her first child with Reino Barack in a few months.

Now her sister, Aisyahrani, can carry out the Hajj pilgrimage with her husband, Jeffrey Geovani. Both of them are known to have left Indonesia to fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam.

To prepare themselves spiritually, the day before leaving for Hajj they hold recitations and a festive thanksgiving. At that moment, Aisyahrani and her husband cried with emotion because they were grateful to be able to go on the Hajj this year.

What was the moment like when Aisyahrani and her husband were released before the Hajj pilgrimage? The following is a summary by from Instagram @syh55, Tuesday (11/6).