Living alone in a rickety wooden hut, now Mak Sombret is preparing to welcome a new home that is livable.

  11 Juni 2024 11:24

Mak Sombret, a middle-aged woman who is enthusiastic about accompanying her neighbors on their pilgrimage, continues to attract attention. He was willing to spend IDR 600 thousand to take a motorbike taxi from Pekalongan to Solo because the bus he wanted to take was full. After that, it went viral and received help from many parties.

Apart from money, there were netizens who were kind enough to send him on his pilgrimage . The woman who lives alone also received sustenance from the Central Java Regional Police Chief to renovate the house. Previously, he only lived in a house that looked sad and had wooden walls.

Mak Sombret previously only lived from day to day by picking up plastic cups. The glass will later be sold to a scrap dealer. It wasn't much, but it was the only way he could survive.

Now his life is getting better day by day after receiving help. Soon, he will also live in a livable house because the construction is almost complete. The renovation began on June 2 and is expected to take 12 days to complete.

The following is the transformation of Mak Sombret's residence from before it was renovated, as compiled by from various sources on Tuesday (11/6).