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Kim Ji-won applies the ampoule so that her face always looks supple, stays firm, and prevents signs of aging.

  11 Juni 2024 14:10 - Famous through the Korean drama Queen of Tears as Hong Hae-in, now many women are actually focusing wrongly on the beauty of Kim Ji-won's face. Like most Korean artists, Kim Ji-won has a care routine to keep her skin healthy. The woman born on October 19 1992 applies minimalist beauty treatments because she has sensitive skin.

Having sensitive skin makes Kim Ji-won more careful when using beauty products. Reporting from Herzindagi, so that her sensitive skin is not easily irritated and at risk of developing allergies, Kim Ji-won prefers gentle and light care products. Skincare products with light formulations are able to protect the skin from damaging the skin barrier and freshen the face.

So, the most important facial care for Kim Ji-won is cleaning her face from various dirt and dust. He is known to use a gentle cleanser to clean his face.

Kim Ji-won facial care various sources

photo: Instagram/@geewonii

After cleaning your face, then proceed to the next stage, namely using the ampoule. Kim Ji-won applies the ampoule so that her face always looks supple, stays firm, and prevents signs of aging. So, here's how Kim Ji-won applies the ampoule to her face:

1. Prepare several pieces of cotton
2. Soak cotton wool using an ampoule
3. Put it in the refrigerator and wait for 10 minutes
4. Apply to face, especially around the cheeks
5. Leave it and don't rinse it.

Kim Ji-won facial care various sources

photo: Instagram/@geewonii

Apart from the treatments above, Kim Ji-won also does other facial treatments, starting from using toner, essence and serum. These three skincare products are applied to keep the face hydrated and moist. Even occasionally, the star of the Korean drama My Liberation Notes exfoliates his face.

Facial exfoliation has the ability to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. It's not surprising that Kim Ji-won's facial skin always looks bright and always moisturized. Then Kim Ji-won also doesn't forget to apply sunscreen with high SPF every morning.

This step is taken to protect the skin from sun exposure and prevent hyperpigmentation. Even regularly using sunscreen makes Kim Ji-won's face look youthful at the age of 31.

Difference between ampoule and serum

Skincare products have various types and benefits, including serums and ampoules. These two products are often considered the same by some people. However, basically ampoule and serum are two different products.

The difference between ampoule and serum lies in their consistency formulation. Ampoules are usually thicker than serums. The reason is, ampoules contain a higher amount of active ingredients and are used for a limited time. Meanwhile, serums are more concentrated in active ingredients, such as emollients which can treat skin problems, such as dark spots, wrinkles and dull skin.

Meanwhile, the way the ampoule is used is not used all the time. The use of ampoule is only applied when facial skin has problems, such as skin looking dull. Different from using facial serum, you can use it every day.