foto: Instagram/@lunamaya; YouTube/CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo

Starting from Nagita Slavina's prank, now their relationship has been going on for more than a year.

  11 Juni 2024 11:53 - The love story of Luna Maya and Maxime Bouttier always manages to attract the attention of netizens. After being kept secret, Luna Maya and Maxime Bouttier are now appearing together more and more often. Even though there is a significant age difference, their relationship is actually running smoothly and getting closer.

Through their respective social media accounts, this couple often shares moments together that make them emotional. Not a few are also curious about the beginning of the closeness of this couple with a 10 year age difference. Appearing together as a guest star on Denny Sumargo's CURHAT BANG YouTube podcast, Luna Maya recently talked about the beginning of her close relationship with Maxime Bouttier.

Not a film or soap opera, Luna Maya and Maxime apparently met for the first time at a professional colleague's birthday. Even though they were both invited guests, apparently the two of them didn't know each other at that time. Their introduction apparently occurred at the initiative of Nagita Slavina, who was also present at the event.

Luna Maya reveals the beginning of her close relationship with Maxime Bouttier  Instagram

photo: YouTube/CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo

"There's Gigi, Ayu Dewi, everyone brings a partner, I'm alone. Then there are single guys, like Jefri Nichol, Maxime and others who get together," said Luna Maya, as reported by from YouTube CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo, Tuesday (11/6).

Having glanced at Jefri Nichol, Nagita Slavina gave up her intention because the actor was too old from Luna Maya. Spontaneously, the celebrity known as Gigi then called Maxime who wanted to go to the toilet. At that time, Maxime only gave a confused reaction full of question marks.

"Jefri Nichol, but it seems that if Jefri were young, Gigi would go straight to "Max, Max, come here, you two are single, just chat," explained Luna Maya, imitating Nagita Slavina's speaking style.

Nagita Slavina then asked Luna Maya and Maxime to talk because neither of them currently has a partner. Coming from the same high school alma mater, Luna Maya and Maxime initially thought this was just a joke, but unexpectedly it continued.

Luna Maya reveals the beginning of her close relationship with Maxime Bouttier  Instagram

photo: YouTube/CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo

In a chat with Denny Sumargo, Luna Maya and Maxime explained in full the moment after they were paired with Nagita Slavina. Even five minutes after they were paired, Gigi asked them to take a photo together. The funny thing is, they were told to look intimate by hugging each other.

Nagita Slavina's efforts to unite the two did not stop there. This mother of two asked Luna Maya to invite Maxime to dance. Because Maxime felt it wasn't the right time, he tried to limit himself, so he decided to stay away from Luna Maya.

"From my point of view, yes, I'm the one who's like 'why are you suddenly with Luna,' that's fine, don't do it. "I'm not going to go to that, oh maybe it's just for fun," said Maxime.

Not wanting to miss the moment, Gigi was very enthusiastic about pairing the two of them up. The reason is that when Maxime was eating or chatting, Gigi kept coming to him and telling him to look for Luna Maya. Not only Maxime, it turns out Luna Maya was also constantly being pressured by Gigi to come to Maxime while she was eating or chatting with her friends, so they both felt awkward about that moment.

Luna Maya reveals the beginning of her close relationship with Maxime Bouttier  2024 various sources

photo: Instagram/@lunamaya

Nagita's moment of fun turned out to be successful in getting the two of them to chat with each other. At the end of the party, Luna Maya explained that the two of them did not go straight home, but continued chatting at Nia Ramadhani's villa. Maxime then also invited Luna to dinner to get to know each other better.

"Let's have dinner, that's at least before me, I want to get to know each other first, you know," said Maxime.

The funny thing is, when Maxime initially invited them to dinner with the aim of getting to know each other and just the two of them, it turned out that Luna Maya actually invited her friends so it was more like eating together. However, they can still chat and get to know each other, especially with each other's friendships.