foto: Instagram/@azizahsalsha_

Many people don't think that Azizah Salsha also does her own household work.

  11 Juni 2024 08:41 - Since marrying footballer Pratama Arhan, Azizah Salsha's daily life as a wife has always been in the public spotlight. The news of their marriage shocked the public because they were not known to have been close. However, this husband and wife couple often show uncleanliness.

As Pratama Arhan's partner, Azizah Salsha apparently tries to be a good wife. Recently he showed off his activities washing clothes without the help of household members. In his initial Instagram Story upload, he showed a washing machine with clothes inside. The caption emphasized that he was washing Arhan's clothes.

Azizah Salsha washes Pratama Arhan's jersey  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@azizahsalsha_

" Wash Arhooo's clothes, " he wrote while embedding a heart and blue butterfly emoticon, quoted from Instagram/@azizahsalsha_ on Tuesday (11/6).

Arho itself is Azizah's affectionate nickname for Arhan. However, not long after, he deleted the upload. Then upload the same photo again but without Arhan's name.

" Wash your clothes, " he wrote in an Instagram Story upload.

The upload was popular on social media. Influencer X's account, @cursedkidd re-uploaded the screenshotted photo. The tweet received 16 thousand likes and hundreds of replies from netizens.

Azizah Salsha washes Pratama Arhan's jersey  2024 Instagram

photo: Instagram/@azizahsalsha_

" Wow, Azizah shows off her basic skills for washing Arhan's jersey, it's really busy, what are your basic skills, sis? " wrote @cursedkidd.

The upload received various reactions from netizens. They responded to @cursedkidd's tweet with jokes. However, there are also those who don't understand the content.

" You can do up to 3 years of age, including basic skills, " said @zzzsyaaa.

" Oh, never mind if I checked it, it turned out that it was in the washing machine and it just became a news headline, " said @sorehariselasa.

" I'm going to iron it then ," said @nico_inoo.

However, quite a few people actually focus wrongly on the brand of washing machine that Azizah uses. Reporting from Shopee, the single tub washing machine from the Reiwa brand only costs around IDR 2.6 million. The washing machine has a capacity of 8 kilograms.

" I thought that athletes' wives would use an Electrolux frontload washing machine, but it turns out they use this ," said the account @appIerli.

" Sis Zizaah is a simple person too ," wrote the account @draccnian.

" I also want to buy a washing machine like Zizeh ," said the account @OFfJELITA.