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This threat made Ria Ricis uncomfortable and felt very worried.

  11 Juni 2024 14:55 - Through her Instagram Stories upload, Ria Ricis said that she was blackmailed by an unknown person for a fairly large amount, reaching IDR 300 million. If this request is not fulfilled, Ria Ricis's personal photos will be distributed on the internet.

This statement then made a number of people speculate that the photos that would be distributed were the exciting collection of the hit YouTuber. However, Ria Ricis denied this. He said that it was a personal photo of him not wearing the hijab.

Ria Ricis video photos are not vulgar  Instagram

Ria Ricis' video photos are not vulgar

"Selfie photos without hijab, videos of me doing the gym in skimpy clothes are the ones that want to be shared," said Oki Setiana Dewi's sister, as quoted from on Tuesday (11/6).

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Police Commissioner Ade Ary Syam also said the same thing. Where the photos that are thought to be distributed are not vulgar photos. This information was obtained from investigators who examined Ria Ricis.

"Based on the victim's statement, the threat of spreading personal documents by this threat, the personal documents are not in the form of exciting photos or videos. This is the victim's statement, an examination with investigators," said Ade Ary to journalists, Tuesday (11/6).

Ade Ary said that the investigation process into the report submitted by the mother of one child was still ongoing. The perpetrator who threatened Ria Ricis is currently still being hunted. It is known that the police have checked the 2 cellphone numbers that terrorized Ria Ricis.

"Investigators are still working to hunt down the perpetrator of the threat," said Ade Ary.

Ria Ricis reported the case to the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) Polda Metro Jaya on June 7 2024. The report was confirmed by Ade Ary Indradi.

Ria Ricis video photos are not vulgar  Instagram

Ria Ricis' video photos are not vulgar

"We need to convey that around June 7 there was also a case related to threats experienced by sister RY alias RR. She made a report on June 7 2024," said Ade Ary to journalists, Monday (10/6).

Ria Ricis admitted that she was not calm after receiving the threat. According to him, he is not the only one who is threatened, but his colleagues and family are also affected.

"For the last 5 days (threatened). Even the family and even the closest people have been affected," he said as quoted by merdeka6.

Ricis hopes that the police can find the perpetrator as soon as possible. This case has been completely handed over to the Cyber Sub-Directorate of the Criminal Investigation Department of Polda Metro Jaya. Ria Ricis has also handed over all the evidence she has to the investigating team.

Ria Ricis's video photos are not vulgar  Instagram

Ria Ricis's video photos are not vulgar

"We'll just hand over the rest to the police and investigators. I've also handed over the evidence and other things. Please pray for everyone that we can find the person quickly," he concluded.