Since their house was sold to pay for their late mother's treatment and daily needs, Sopyah and her sister have been forced to live in a hut near the grave.

  11 Juni 2024 12:45

A girl named Sopyah Supriyatin from Indramayu has recently been in the public spotlight. The viral figure of Sopyah began with the story of her being willing to disguise herself as a man so she could work as a construction worker and support her younger sister. At a young age, he had to struggle with the hardships of life as the backbone of the family after his mother died and his father migrated out of town.

Sopyah is willing to change her appearance by cutting her hair so she looks like a man. Not without reason, to be able to work as a construction worker, he has to look like a man so that his ability to transport materials is not underestimated.
That way, he can continue to live.

Sopyah admitted that working as a construction worker was not an easy thing. The work is hard with little pay. Unfortunately, he also had to live in a house that stood on a burial ground. The house he and his family lived in was sold to pay for his mother's medical treatment.

Luckily, the cemetery caretaker invited her to live in the house on condition that the 20 year old girl helped clean the grave. Sopyah's house is also in the spotlight of YouTuber and TikToker Farida Nurhan. By uploading content on the TikTok account @farida.nurhan, he shows the simple house with thick walls, where Sopyah and her sister have lived all this time.

What does it look like? Here, has collected a portrait of his house near the grave from TikTok @farida.nurhan on Tuesday (11/6).