Mira Hayati can go on Hajj 2 years in a row via the Furoda Haji route, which can cost up to IDR 900 million.

  11 Juni 2024 13:45

During the 2023 Hajj season, the public was shocked by a Hajj pilgrim from Makassar, Mira Hayati. How come? He bought 1 kg of gold in Saudi Arabia to bring back to Indonesia. This year, Mira Hayati again went to the Holy Land via the Haji Furoda route.

Mira Hayati is known as a successful skincare entrepreneur . Previously, the woman was a dangdut singer. He has been singing since he was in 5th grade. Even though his name is not well known in the world of singing, he has actually succeeded in establishing a skincare business called MH Miracle Whitening Skin. Thanks to her business which sold well, Mira succeeded in becoming a very rich person. Although to achieve that, he had to go through a struggle that was not easy.

Mira was able to go on Hajj 2 years in a row using the Furoda Hajj program. Haji Furoda is a pilgrimage organized and managed directly by the Government of Saudi Arabia. The costs for this Hajj are greater than the usual Hajj. One of the features of Haji Furoda is that there is no waiting time.

The departure of Mira Hayati through Haji Furoda shows that she is a very rich figure. The reason is, to perform the Hajj via this route, he has to spend around IDR 373.9 million to IDR 975.3 million for one person.

Evidence of her wealth can also be seen from the luxurious hotel that Mira Hayati stayed in while performing the Hajj. Are you curious about its appearance? Just look at the portrait that brilio.net has collected from TikTok @mirahayati91, Tuesday (11/6).