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Sheila Dara's attitude is considered to be disrespectful to her husband, Vidi Aldiano.

  11 Juni 2024 17:50 - Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara Aisha's holiday in Europe, especially Italy, continues. After spending time in Venice, Vidi and Sheila continued their trip to the city of Milan. In Milan, Vidi and Sheila visited several popular places, one of which was the Duomo di Milano or Milan Cathedral.

As documentation and mementos, Vidi Aldiano uploaded many moments in Milan. One way is by creating vlog content.

In the video uploaded by his TikTok account, @vidi.aldiano, the singer of Nuansa Bening invited Sheila to join his vlog. He also asked Sheila several things about their holiday.

"You're talking, how about going on holiday for 3 weeks with me," asked Vidi, quoted by from TikTok @vidi.aldiano, Tuesday (11/6).

Instead of answering, Sheila gave an unexpected reaction. He just grinned and gushed into the mic offered by Vidi.

Sheila Dara's unexpected reaction  TikTok

Sheila Dara's unexpected reaction

Not satisfied with the reaction shown by his wife, Vidi asked again. He wanted Sheila to talk by asking which city was her favorite during their holiday in Europe this time.

"Come on, let's make the vlog good," said Vidi.

Once again, the star of the Kretek Girl series repeated the action, making Vidi laugh speechlessly. She was reluctant to answer seriously and instead continued to blow air into her husband's microphone.

Sheila Dara's unexpected reaction  TikTok

Sheila Dara's unexpected reaction

Not only that, Sheila also looks focused on reading the comics on her cellphone. Feeling ignored, Vidi took the gadget so that his wife could answer his questions.

"Answer me no. Which one? "Don't just read comics," said Vidi.

Unfortunately, until the end Sheila Dara still ignored Vidi's questions. It's not surprising that his attitude has become the subject of debate among netizens.

Even though she is known to be cool and quiet, Sheila's attitude towards Vidi this time was considered excessive and impolite. Many people think that Sheila doesn't respect her husband enough.

On the other hand, many parties still defend Sheila. According to them, Sheila was just joking with Vidi.

"Introvert is an introvert. Not like that either. Just answer. The man is very patient," said @puputimam18

"It's great that Vidi can be that patient with Sheila," said @tikaasih6

"I'm just being a girl, bro," said @mikukuuuu

"Sis Sheila is really fun to talk to, but she doesn't like being in the camera," said @jamaluuh

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