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Piles of moss make the bathroom floor feel slippery. This is certainly very dangerous for bathroom users.

  5 April 2024 23:59 - The bathroom floor is one of the areas that gets dirty most quickly. Usually this is caused by stains brought by the feet from outside. Apart from that, the bathroom floor is also often damp because it is constantly exposed to water.

If you rarely clean it, don't be surprised if the bathroom looks dirty. There are some parts that are full of yellowish crust. In fact, there are also those who find that their bathroom floor is covered in moss.

A bathroom floor that is already covered in moss must of course be cleaned immediately. The reason is, the pile of moss makes the bathroom floor feel slippery. This is certainly very dangerous for bathroom users.

To clean it, some people deliberately scrub the bathroom floor with baking soda. This kitchen ingredient is considered effective in removing moss stains on the bathroom floor. Evidently, after rubbing for a while, the moss stains disappeared and nothing remained.

But if you run out of baking soda at home, you can replace it with another cleaning agent. As pointed out by YouTube user Creative TD. At the beginning of the video, this netizen shows the appearance of his bathroom floor which looks dirty.

"This is a mixture of ground water stains, very yellow and also mossy. No wonder it becomes very slippery," he explained, quoted by BrilioFood from YouTube Creative TD on Friday (5/4).

How to clean moss on the bathroom floor using kitchen spices.

lumutt bathroom floor  2024

photo: YouTube/Creative TD

Instead of scrubbing it with baking soda, this netizen actually made a special cleaning solution. In the video upload, he mixed a packet of citrus and enough toothpaste in a container. Not only that, he also added one kitchen spice, namely salt, as a mixture.

lumutt bathroom floor  2024

photo: YouTube/Creative TD

Next, pour in enough water and bleach. Stir until all ingredients are completely mixed.

lumutt bathroom floor  2024

photo: YouTube/Creative TD

If so, the cleaning solution can be applied immediately. To do this, pour enough cleaning solution over the entire surface of the mossy bathroom floor. After that, scrub the bathroom floor using a wire sponge.

lumutt bathroom floor  2024

photo: YouTube/Creative TD

Without expending extra effort, the moss stain will gradually appear fainter on its own. Once it has been scrubbed evenly, immediately flush the bathroom floor with clean water.

lumutt bathroom floor  2024

photo: YouTube/Creative TD

The appearance of the bathroom floor is immediately clean and shiny. Not a single moss stain remains.

Causes of mossy bathroom floors.

A mossy bathroom floor can be caused by various factors, including:

1. High humidity.

The bathroom is an area that tends to be damp due to activities such as bathing and water use. High humidity allows moss to grow.

2. Lack of ventilation.

Poor ventilation can exacerbate moisture problems. Fresh air and good air circulation help reduce humidity and prevent moss growth.

3. Lack of lighting.

Dark areas or minimal sunlight can also promote moss growth. Sunlight helps dry the floor surface and reduces moisture.

4. Remains of soap and cleaning products.

Remnants of soap, shampoo, or other cleaning products left on the bathroom floor can become a source of nutrition for moss.

5. The condition of the ceramics is uneven.

Uneven or cracked floor surfaces can become a breeding ground for moss. Holes and gaps in ceramic tiles can retain water and promote moss growth.

Solving the problem of moldy bathroom floors requires a combination of the right care, including maintaining cleanliness, improving ventilation, and fixing any sources of unwanted moisture.

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