Apart from being clean, eliminating this limescale makes the floor rough, aka no longer slippery, so that bathroom users are safe and comfortable.

  29 Maret 2024 07:00

Brilio.net - A clean and comfortable house certainly makes its residents feel at home. Therefore, a number of people choose to regularly clean their homes so that they are free from dirt and dust. It's not just the room, there are still many rooms in the house that must be kept clean, including the bathroom.

The reason is, the bathroom is a room that is used every day. The conditions are also damp due to continuous exposure to water. If it is rarely cleaned, the bathroom can become dirty. Like the ceramics which are full of yellowish crust.

The buildup of scale on bathroom ceramics certainly looks dirty. Not only that, the bathroom floor also becomes slippery when stepped on. Of course it's very dangerous, right?

To clean it, you can copy the method shown by YouTube user Zulaikha Pratiwy. In the video upload, it appears that he only relies on cleaning materials that are easily available. Curious about how?

Tricks for cleaning bathroom ceramic tiles.

First, mix the cleaning solution that will be used. Reported by BrilioFood from YouTube Zulaikha Pratiwy on Thursday (28/3), he put 2 packets of citrus fruit into a ladle. For maximum cleanliness, he also added two other kitchen ingredients, namely dishwashing soap and baking soda as a cleaning solution mixture. Add enough hot water then stir until completely mixed.

YouTube bathroom crust  2024 brilio.net

photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Once done, apply this cleaning solution to the entire surface of the ceramic. It can be seen in the video upload that he applied this cleaning solution to the outside ceramics as well as inside the bathroom.

YouTube bathroom crust  2024 brilio.net

photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Once evenly distributed, then scrub the ceramic using a regular bathroom brush. Do this process until all the crust on the ceramic is gone.

YouTube bathroom crust  2024 brilio.net

photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Finally, rinse the bathroom ceramics using clean water. Flush several times until the bathroom crust is maximally clean, free from scale and cleaning solution. As a result, the bathroom ceramics look clean and shiny again.

YouTube bathroom crust  2024 brilio.net

photo: YouTube/Zulaikha pratiwy

Tricks to keep the bathroom floor from slippery.

Here are some tricks that can help make your bathroom floor less slippery:

1. Use a non-slip carpet or mat.

Place anti-slip carpets or mats in areas that often get wet, such as in front of the sink, bathtub, or in front of the shower. This mat will provide additional grip when you walk on a wet floor.

2. Use anti-slip soap.

There are special soap products designed to help prevent bathroom floors from becoming slippery. You can use this soap to clean the floor regularly.

3. Install additional handles or handles.

Install a handle or handle on the bathroom wall that can be used to hold on when you stand or walk around slippery areas.

4. Pay attention to cleanliness and dry it.

Make sure to clean the bathroom floor regularly and dry it well after use. Excessive humidity can cause the floor to become more slippery.

5. Use sandals or special shoes.

When in the bathroom, wear sandals or special shoes that have non-slip soles to provide additional protection and reduce the risk of slipping.

By following some of the tricks above, you can help reduce the risk of slipping on the bathroom floor and make it safer to use.