Usually, a clogged toilet will be dismantled to find out if there is a blockage in the water channel.

  1 April 2024 22:00

Brilio.net - Blocked toilets are a common problem that can cause discomfort to house residents. The causes of a blocked toilet vary, from a buildup of dirt to swallowed foreign objects. Proper treatment is needed to overcome this problem and prevent it from recurring in the future.

Usually, a clogged toilet will be dismantled to find out if there is a blockage in the water channel. However, for some people, this dismantling method is quite troublesome because they have to use special tools or even call experts.

In fact, there are several special ways that are easier to deal with a clogged toilet. One method that many people often use is to pour caustic soda and hot water into the toilet drain. Apart from that, there are also those who mix baking soda and vinegar to remove objects that clog the toilet drain.

But did you know, there are other kitchen ingredients that are more effective for dealing with clogged toilets , you know. This kitchen ingredient was used by the TikTok account user @erdi3147. Through one of the uploaded videos, he admitted that he only used two kitchen ingredients to fix the toilet which was already clogged.

How to deal with a clogged toilet with just 2 kitchen ingredients.

Reported by BrilioFood from TikTok @erdi3147 on Monday (1/4), the kitchen ingredients in question are cooking oil and salt. According to TikTok user @erdi3147, cooking oil functions as a lubricant. Meanwhile, salt has abrasive properties. When salt dissolves in water, it can help dissolve the remaining debris that clogs the drain. Apart from that, salt can also help erode sediment and scale that might clog the drain.

How to deal with a clogged toilet using oil and salt  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@erdi3147

How to use it is quite easy. First of all, just pour enough cooking oil into the toilet hole. After that, add 2-4 tablespoons of salt. If so, let these two ingredients sit for 3 hours so that they can better absorb into the water channels.

How to deal with a clogged toilet using oil and salt  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@erdi3147

If it has been left to sit, immediately flush it with five scoops of water. Instantly the toilet which was originally clogged became running smoothly again. This indicates that the cooking oil and salt are really working to dissolve the blockage in the toilet drain.

How to deal with a clogged toilet using oil and salt  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@erdi3147

Since it was uploaded on January 14, this video about how to deal with a clogged toilet has been viewed more than 2 million times. It's not surprising that many other TikTok users are interested. In fact, quite a few even admitted that they wanted to practice this trick directly.

"I had a hard time for almost two months, my toilet was clogged.
"Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I'll try it now," said TikTok @yuniarti_05.

"Thank God, it's really good to get the knowledge, now the toilet is clogged, don't just try it, Bismillah, I hope you can, Amen," said TikTok @kentongkentong575.

"Thank you for your knowledge, all I know is that it's good to know about oil, okay, just practice it," said TikTok @ellymakzahra.

"I used caustic soda, then poured hot water, and the clogged drain immediately cleared up," said TikTok @ahmadiahmadi94.

"How come it's the same, but I don't use salt, only 1 kg of cooking oil, because I use oil that's slippery so it can make things smoother and it's proven," said TikTok @dee85__.


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