A clogged toilet disrupts activities in the bathroom

  30 Maret 2024 05:30

Brilio.net - Blocked toilets are often a common problem at home. This can be caused by various factors, such as buildup of toilet paper, spillage of other insoluble objects in the drain, or accumulation of organic waste. When the toilet becomes clogged, activities carried out in the bathroom will certainly be disrupted.

However, there are still ways that can be done to overcome this problem. For example, by dismantling the drain in the toilet and/or calling a toilet suction service. If you want an easier method, you can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the clogged toilet. After investigating, baking soda can help dissolve blockages in toilet drains.

But besides baking soda, you can also use other ingredients. There are a number of kitchen ingredients that can be used to overcome a clogged toilet. This kitchen ingredient was used by the TikTok account @skill.rumahan through one of the uploaded videos.

Reported by BrilioFood on Friday (29/3), the kitchen ingredients in question are salt and cooking vinegar. Well, these two kitchen ingredients basically have properties that can help dissolve or break down substances that cause blockages.

In the video, TikTok user @skill.rumahan admits to using krosok salt or coarse salt. However, if you don't have any, you can use fine salt that you have in the kitchen. For the measurements, just prepare 7 tablespoons of salt and 20 drops of cooking vinegar.

tricks for dealing with a clogged toilet  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@skill.rumahan

So, how to use it, you can directly pour the salt and vinegar into the clogged toilet hole. After that, let it sit overnight or 24 hours. If so, flush the toilet with hot water to dissolve the remaining salt and vinegar. This will make the toilet run smoothly again as before.

tricks for dealing with a clogged toilet  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@skill.rumahan

Basically, salt and vinegar have a very important function in dealing with clogged toilets. Salt can help dissolve or break down substances such as toilet paper or organic waste that clog toilet drains. Then when the salt dissolves in water, it forms a solution that can help erode or dissolve the blockage, making it easier for water to flow.

On the other hand, vinegar contains acetic acid which has the property of breaking down organic substances such as food scraps or sewage waste which may be the cause of blockages. The acetic acid in vinegar can help soften or dissolve these substances, making it easier for water to flow down the drain.

tricks for dealing with a clogged toilet  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@skill.rumahan

Viewed more than 583 thousand times, this post about tricks for dealing with a clogged toilet immediately caught the attention of netizens. Who would have thought that many other TikTok users admitted that they had just learned about this useful knowledge. On the other hand, there are also those who recommend using other kitchen ingredients to overcome clogged toilets.

"Thank you for the knowledge, I hope it's useful," said TikTok @Kartini.

"I usually only use one handful of coarse salt and then just sprinkle it with water," explained TikTok @adichayanto.

"thank you for the infox. Very useful," said TikTok @yosefa2159.

"I use cooking oil straight away, it's smooth," said TikTok @dee85__.

"I'm going to try it, the problem is that the toilet in the house is clogged... young 2n, OK, try it later," said TikTok @ruanticrb.

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Benefits of table salt for beauty.

Kitchen salt is not only used as an ingredient for cooking or for solving household problems as above, but also has various beauty benefits. Here are some of the benefits of table salt for beauty:

1. Natural cleaner.

Table salt can be used as a natural cleanser for the skin. Mix table salt with a little almond oil or olive oil to make a scrub that can remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin.

2. Reduces acne.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of table salt can help reduce acne. Dissolve table salt in warm water and use as a toner to clean the skin and reduce redness of acne.

3. Eliminate dark underarms.

Mix table salt with lemon juice and use it as a scrub for the underarm area. This combination can help reduce the dark color of the underarms.

4. Overcoming dry skin.

Table salt scrub can help remove dead skin cells and maintain skin moisture, so it is useful for treating dry skin.

5. Detoxification.

Bathing in table salt water can help remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation, which can help keep skin healthy and clean.

6. Treat oily skin.

Table salt can help control excess oil production on the skin, so it is useful for treating oily skin.

7. Reduces swelling.

A compress of table salt dissolved in warm water can help reduce swelling in swollen areas, such as around the eyes.

8. Treat cracked feet.

Soak your feet in warm salt water for a few minutes to help soothe chapped and rough skin on your feet.

9. Reduces hair loss.

Mix table salt with coconut oil and massage into the scalp as a scrub to help reduce hair loss and increase hair growth.