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Don't let the rice go to waste, you know. It can still be 'adjusted' to be consumed again.

  9 April 2024 03:58 - Most people choose to cook rice using a rice cooker. Apart from being practical, the resulting rice is also fluffy and perfectly cooked. Once cooked, rice can also be stored in a rice cooker so that it is always warm when eaten.

Unfortunately, the hot temperature in a rice cooker sometimes makes the texture of the rice dry. This is because the water content in the rice is gone. As a result, the texture of the rice becomes dry and even crusts on the surface of the rice cooker pan.

Knowing this, a number of people usually just throw away the rice. However, rice can be steamed for a while to restore its fluffier texture. You don't need to steam it for too long, just 5 to 10 minutes, the texture of the rice changes to become fluffier so it's delicious to consume.

But it doesn't just have to be steamed, it turns out there are other methods that can be used to turn dry rice into fluffier again. The method was demonstrated by Instagram user @annepermata. At the beginning of the video, he shows the appearance of his rice which appears to be crusty in the rice cooker.

Dry rice becomes fluffier again  2024

photo: Instagram/@annepermata

Tricks to make dry rice in the rice cooker fluffy again.

The first step, first stir the rice which has already hardened in the rice cooker. Make sure there are no grains of rice still stuck to the surface of the rice cooker pan. If so, put one ingredient, namely enough hot water, into the rice cooker pan.

Dry rice becomes fluffier again  2024

photo: Instagram/@annepermata

If so, close the rice cooker and press the "cook" button. This process of cooking the rice a second time is considered effective in making the texture of the rice fluffier again. Because you use hot water, the process of cooking rice doesn't take long.

Dry rice becomes fluffier again  2024

photo: Instagram/@annepermata

Open the lid of the rice cooker when the rice is cooked. Stir so that all the hot steam in the rice cooker can escape. It looks like the texture of the rice is soft again like it was just cooked for the first time, right?

Dry rice becomes fluffier again  2024

photo: Instagram/@annepermata

This video immediately caught the attention of netizens. Even though it was only uploaded on April 7, the video has been watched almost 1,000 times, you know. Not only that, several netizens also left direct responses in the comments column.

You can also use hot water. Usually I put the rice in the refrigerator if I want to make fried rice, just make it. "If you want regular rice, just add a little water and recook," wrote the Instagram account @rutovia, quoted by BrilioFood on Monday (8/4).

"Ooo...okay sis Anne...thanks for sharing...because I always like excess when making rice '," explained the Instagram account @attirahardjo.

"Thank you Sis, I won't be practicing tomorrow," said the Instagram account @lisia5128.

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How to store rice so that it is free from lice and lasts a long time.

Here are some steps you can follow to store rice so that it is free from bugs and lasts a long time.

1. Choose the right storage container.

Use an airtight and watertight container to store rice. A plastic or glass container with a tight-fitting lid is ideal. Avoid containers that are permeable or have gaps where insects can enter.

2. Clean the container beforehand.

Make sure the storage container has been cleaned well before you store rice in it. This will help prevent contamination with fleas or other insects.

3. Make sure the rice is dry.

Before storing, make sure the rice is dry. Do not store rice that is still wet or damp because this can cause the growth of mold or lice.

4. Add lime leaves.

Some people suggest adding a few lime leaves to a container of rice to prevent flea attacks. The aroma of orange leaves is believed to repel insects.

5. Air circulation.

Make sure there is good air circulation around the rice storage area. Avoid stacking rice containers in tightly closed or damp places.

6. Storage in a cool and dry place.

Store the rice container in a cool, dry place and protected from direct sunlight. Stable temperatures help prevent flea growth.

7. Check regularly.

Always check the rice periodically to ensure there are no signs of lice or other insect infestation. If you find infested rice, throw it away immediately and clean the storage container well before adding new rice.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your rice remains free from bugs and lasts a long time during storage.

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