If the rice has turned dry, it is no longer good to eat.

  2 April 2024 17:00

Brilio.net - Rice can be eaten with various side dishes and vegetables according to taste. Rice can be made by cooking it using a rice cooker. A rice cooker will make the process of cooking rice faster and more practical.

However, rice stored in a rice cooker tends to dry out quickly. Even some grains of rice were crusty and stuck to the inside of the pan. If the rice has turned dry, it is no longer good to eat.

As a solution, most people deliberately unplug the rice cooker's power. That way, the rice is not exposed to heat in the rice cooker. Unfortunately, this method sometimes actually makes the texture of the rice dry when it is taken out.

To get around this, you can imitate what TikTok user @mustinah99 did. In his video upload, this netizen has his own way of storing rice so that it doesn't get dry and crusty even if it's stored all day in a rice cooker .

Tricks so that rice doesn't become crusty even if you keep it all day in the rice cooker.

Reported by BrilioFood from TikTok @mustinah99 on Tuesday (2/4), the first step, cook the rice in a rice cooker as usual. If the rice cooker button has changed to "warm", immediately open the lid. No need to wait, immediately stir the rice which is perfectly cooked. This process aims to ensure that the hot steam in the rice cooker can escape optimally.

how to store rice without crusty  2024 brilio.net

photo: TikTok/@mustinah99

After stirring for a while, the hot steam in the rice cooker disappeared. There are also no grains of rice sticking to the surface of the rice cooker pan. Next, close the rice cooker.

Then just unplug the rice cooker from the electrical power. According to him, this method is effective in making rice last longer and not dry out. No joke, rice is still soft and delicious to eat even though it has been stored all day in a rice cooker.

how to store rice without crusty  2024 brilio.net

photo: TikTok/@mustinah99

Interested in trying this method?

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How to cook rice so it doesn't get mushy, the results are perfectly cooked.

Here are the general steps for cooking rice so that it is not mushy and is perfectly cooked:

1. Choose the right type of rice.

Use good quality rice, such as basmati rice or Japanese rice, which has a lower amylose content. This will help the rice stay crispy after cooking.

2. Wash the rice well.

Wash the rice in clean water several times until the water is clear. This will help remove excess starch which can make the rice mushy.

3. The right ratio of water and rice.

For white rice, the water to rice ratio is usually 1:1.5 or 1:2 depending on your preference. However, pay attention to the instructions on the rice packaging you use.

4. Use a pan with a fitting lid.

A pot with a fitting lid will help prevent too much steam from being wasted, so the rice can cook evenly.

5. Don't open the pot cover often when cooking.

Opening the pot lid too often can disrupt the cooking process and remove the hot steam needed to cook the rice perfectly.

By following the steps above, you can cook delicious, crispy and perfectly cooked rice.

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