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The materials used are very simple.

  13 April 2024 18:30 - A thermos is a piece of equipment that is often used to store water so that the temperature remains hot. The portable design also makes it easy to carry when traveling. However, as it is used, the function of the thermos will gradually decrease.

The thermos used to be able to store hot water for a long time, so it can only last for 1-2 hours. If this is the case, quite a few people choose to throw away the thermos and immediately replace it with a new one. In fact, if you know the trick, the hot water in the thermos can last for days, you know.

One of the tricks, as shared by a YouTube user, is the idea. In one of his uploads, he admitted that he could make the water in his hot thermos last up to a week with a capital of IDR 0, you know. He also relies on simple ingredients that are quite easy to obtain.

"If there is a thermos thermos at home that is no longer functioning properly, the heat storage will only last for 1 or 2 days. I will give you tricks and solutions so that the thermos can last 5 days or even a week of heat," he said.

Easy trick to keep the water in the thermos hot for up to a week  various sources

photo: YouTube idea idea

Reported by BrilioFood on Saturday (13/4), the material used was used rags. First of all, prepare some used cloth that is no longer used. Don't forget the thermos that will be repaired. Next, use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolt at the bottom of the thermos. If so, turn the black hole at the bottom of the flask and remove the bottom of the flask by twisting it.

Easy trick to keep the water in the thermos hot for up to a week  various sources

photo: YouTube idea idea

Once opened, you will see a stainless steel tube and white rubber seal on the inside of the thermos. Then take the tube and seal it. Before the tube is put back into the inside of the thermos, first cover the tube with an old rag. Make sure the rag coats the stainless tube well.

Easy trick to keep the water in the thermos hot for up to a week  various sources

photo: YouTube idea idea

"Inside there is an air cavity, while the plastic material is thin. So at night the plastic actually conducts cold air so the heat (thermos) doesn't last," he added.

If so, reinstall the seal and insert the tube into the inside of the thermos. Next, close the bottom of the thermos again by turning it. Reinstall the bolt with a screwdriver so that the thermos is positioned properly and tightly. After the stainless tube is covered with cloth, the thermos will function properly again. The thermos can also be used to store hot water for up to a week.

"There's no air space inside. So the thermos will always stay hot," he concluded.

How to care for a thermos so it doesn't leak easily

To care for your thermos so it doesn't leak easily, you can do the following steps:

1. Choose a quality thermos

Choose a thermos made from high quality and durable materials. Also make sure the lid is made of strong and tight material.

2. Check and clean regularly

Check the thermos periodically to ensure there are no cracks or damage to the lid or body of the thermos. Clean the thermos regularly in the right way to prevent the formation of scale or mold which can cause leaks.

3. Use it correctly

Use the thermos according to the instructions for use. Don't open the lid of the thermos too often, as this can cause the seal to become loose and increase the risk of leaks.

4. Don't overfill

Avoid filling the thermos too full, because the pressure from too much liquid can cause leaks.

5. Avoid excessive heating

Do not heat the thermos to a temperature that is too high, because this can damage the thermos material and cause leaks.

6. Save properly

Store the thermos in an upright position and not fall over, so as not to damage the internal structure which could cause leaks.

7. Use additional caps

If possible, use an additional lid or protector for the thermos to make it safer from the possibility of being dropped or pressed which could cause a leak.