Leftovers and stains in the kitchen can give off a rancid aroma, you know.

  5 Februari 2024 15:00 - After cooking, kitchen furniture usually becomes dirty because it is stained with grease or other cooking residue, especially on the stove body. If you don't clean it immediately, the stains will dry out and become difficult to remove. Not to mention, these stains can also give off a rancid aroma , you know.

Well, there are many tricks for cleaning stubborn grease stains on the stove. For example, by scrubbing the stove with a baking soda solution. This cake dough leavening agent is known to have abrasive properties, so it is effective in removing stains. However, if you don't have a stock of baking soda at home, don't worry because there is still one more trick.

An equally simple trick for cleaning grease stains on the stove was shared by Instagram user @mama_mila_au. After investigating, he only needs two kitchen ingredients to clean grease stains on the stove . On the other hand, this trick can also be used to clean furniture and other kitchen areas such as pans, walls, glass or kitchen cabinets.

"Make your kitchen sparkle this DIY spray is amazing at melting tough grease all around your kitchen (Make your kitchen shine. This mixture of cleaning ingredients is really effective at melting grease stains in the kitchen)," wrote the owner of the Instagram account @mama_mila_au in her upload, quoted by BrilioFood in Monday (5/2).

First, prepare a spray bottle or spray. Then, fill the bottle with 1 cup of warm water. Next, add the two main kitchen ingredients to practice this trick, namely 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

This netizen who is familiarly called Mila also explained that lemon juice can also be replaced with other alternatives, for example using dish soap.

After that, stir until all the ingredients are evenly mixed. Then, spray directly on areas where there are grease stains. The owner of the Instagram account @mama_mila_au started from the glass area or kitchen wall. After spraying, immediately wipe the walls using a microfiber cloth or whatever kitchen cloth you have at home.

Shiny without baking soda, this is a trick for cleaning stains  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@mama_mila_au

Then, do the same thing on the stove. Mila shows that fat stains on her stove which are quite thick can be removed easily just by using this cleaning mixture of vinegar and lemon juice, you know. He also cleans the kitchen cabinet or cupboard area. However, because the position was quite high, he wiped this area using a mop.

Shiny without baking soda, this is a trick for cleaning stains  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@mama_mila_au

How about it, the trick is really easy, right? Taking a peek at @mama_mila_au's Instagram upload which has been watched 1 million times, quite a few netizens have given enthusiastic comments, you know. On the other hand, there are also those who share other tricks for cleaning grease stains in the kitchen.

"Thank you for this! I just used this to degrease one of my pans that I had been unable to clean and it worked!!! Yahoo so thankful to you (Thanks for the trick! I just tried it on the pan that has been I can never clean it!! Yuhuu, it really helped me)," said Instagram @emcash23.

"I do the same but with 99% alcohol (I use the same method but the ingredients are 99 percent alcohol)," wrote Instagram @ddebbern.