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  4 Februari 2024 11:30 - Cooking using the frying technique using oil is difficult for some people to give up. The reason is, the frying process is considered more practical and can make food cook faster than other cooking techniques. Apart from that, sometimes the crispy texture of certain dishes can only be obtained through frying in oil.

Oil for frying food can usually be used repeatedly up to 2 or 3 times. After that, the cooking oil is usually dirty and smells rancid. If it is still used for cooking, it can definitely reduce the quality of the dish. So, this used cooking oil can be thrown away or recycled into tools such as candles, soap, and others.

If you throw it away, it's best not to pour cooking oil into the sink drain, OK? Reporting from, used oil that is thrown into the sink can disrupt the work of the pipes or even pollute the environment, you know. To be more environmentally friendly, you can copy tricks for disposing of used cooking oil from most Japanese people.

In the land of the rising sun, people add special powder to waste cooking oil to compact it before the used cooking oil is thrown into a landfill. This powder can be purchased at e-commerce or modern supermarkets. However, instead of using special powder, you can copy another trick from netizens on the Instagram account @casanaf_ which is much simpler.

As quoted by BrilioFood from Instagram @casanaf_, Sunday (4/2), the first step is to prepare a bowl, then add a few ice cubes. Yup, ice cubes are the main kitchen ingredient to help solidify used cooking oil. Next, prepare aluminum foil paper and shape the paper into a small bowl to hold the oil later.

Place the aluminum foil on top of the ice cubes, then pour the used cooking oil into it. Wait a few moments until the used cooking oil freezes or completely solidifies.

Tricks for condensing used cooking oil  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@casanaf_

No need to wait long, the used cooking oil which was originally liquid successfully turned into solid after leaving it on ice cubes. Finally, just ball up the aluminum foil paper so that the used cooking oil is stored neatly in it, then throw it in the trash.

Tricks for condensing used cooking oil  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@casanaf_

How about it, this trick is really practical to compress used cooking oil before throwing it away, isn't it? Taking a peek at @casanaf_'s Instagram upload which has been watched 348 thousand times, quite a few netizens admit that this trick has really helped them, you know.

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