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Annoyed if the lizard poops carelessly.

  5 Februari 2024 13:00 - Cicaks are a type of reptile that often stop by at home. Usually, these animals enter through narrow gaps such as window vents, water pipes, or other areas that are difficult for humans to reach. If they enter the house, lizards usually crawl on the walls or ceiling.

For some people, the presence of lizards is not considered disturbing. However, there are also some people who don't like this animal, because it can make clucking sounds or drop its feces on the floor. If left unchecked, lizard droppings can increase, dry out and be difficult to clean, you know.

This is also often experienced by netizens on the TikTok account @nordianaamelia. He admitted that he was annoyed by the presence of lizards in his house because it made it difficult to clean up their droppings.

Therefore, this netizen plans to expel or eradicate the lizards. One trick to get rid of lizards that is often used by many people is to make traps. However, this netizen named Nordiana Amelia is different.

"Aren't you tired of seeing lizards pooping everywhere?" he wrote in a TikTok upload @nordianaamelia, quoted by BrilioFood on Monday (4/2).

This woman's trick to get rid of lizards is effective  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@nordianaamelia

So, instead of making traps, this woman admitted that she preferred to make a concoction from two kitchen ingredients to repel lizards .

The ingredients in question are lemongrass and vinegar. First chop 1 lemongrass stalk, then put it in a small container. Then, pour enough vinegar until the lemongrass is just submerged.

This woman's trick to chase away lizards is effective  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@nordianaamelia

If so, place the container containing lemongrass and vinegar in a corner of the house where lizards often visit. The owner of the TikTok account @nordianaamelia said that this concoction of lemongrass and vinegar can give off a strong fragrant aroma that lizards hate. Guaranteed, after being given this concoction, lizards will no longer be interested in entering the house.

This woman's trick to chase away lizards is effective  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@nordianaamelia

So, are you curious to prove how effective this trick is to get rid of lizards? Taking a peek at @nordianaamelia's TikTok upload, there aren't too many netizens leaving comments, but this video has already received more than 13 thousand viewers, you know.

"The problem is I have a high roof tile," said TikTok @wahida and received a reply from the video owner, "You can put it in a bottle and then spray it on the bun ."

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