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If you leave it like that, over time white clothes will look dull and dirty.

  4 Februari 2024 16:30 - White clothes are a fashion item that everyone must have. Not without reason, white clothes are suitable to be combined with trousers or skirts of any color. Not only that, wearing white clothes can also make you look neat and clean.

Even so, white clothes require extra care. The reason is, yellow stains can just appear on white clothes over time. One reason is because white clothes are contaminated with sweat and other dirt.

If you leave it like that, over time white clothes will look dull and dirty. This certainly reduces your self-confidence when wearing it. To clean them again, most people deliberately soak clothes in a bleach solution. After soaking for a while, the clothes return to clean white and bright again.

But don't just use a bleach solution, it turns out there are other ways you can remove stains from white clothes. The method was demonstrated by TikTok user @skill.rumahan. In the video upload, it appears that this netizen only relies on kitchen ingredients in his house. Curious about how?

Reported by BrilioFood from TikTok @skill.rumahan on Sunday (4/2), the two kitchen ingredients used are 1 tablespoon of micin and enough dishwashing soap. The two ingredients are then put into a container. For maximum cleanliness, he also added 1 tablespoon of citrus as a cleaning mixture.

"The dose is one to one with the previous micin," he explained further.

white clothes with yellow stains  2024

photo: TikTok/@skill.rumahan

After all the ingredients are put into the container, then pour hot water into the container. Stir until all ingredients are completely mixed. If so, then put the white clothes into the container. Press gently so that the entire surface is completely soaked in the cleaning solution.

"Soak for approximately 7 hours," said the video owner.

white clothes with yellow stains  2024

photo: TikTok/@skill.rumahan

Because it was soaked in a cleaning solution for 7 hours, all the stubborn stains on white clothes disappeared without leaving anything behind. After that, immediately wash white clothes using detergent as usual. Don't forget to rinse it with clean water, okay? The result is maximum clean white clothes like new again, right?

If you have white clothes that are already stained, immediately practice this method at home. This method could be an alternative for those of you who don't have a stock of bleach at home.

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