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For a breakfast appointment at a restaurant with a reservation system, this woman had to be willing to pay more than IDR 1 million for the menu she had ordered.

  31 Maret 2024 13:00 - Ramadan fasting has become a moment that Muslims have been waiting for. This moment is usually enlivened by invitations to break fast or break fast together from colleagues, college friends, and alumni from school. This moment of breaking the fast together is one of the activities to strengthen friendship. Because it is a rare moment, it is not wrong that many people are enthusiastic about attending the bukber.

However, things like that apparently have nothing to do with what the owner of the TikTok account @mimooo110 feels. Through his upload, the owner of this account shared the moment he experienced something surprising while holding an iftar with his friends. Not surprised by the moment of showing off your work or lanyards which is being widely discussed on social media.

The account owner, Yunida Aldriani, was traumatized by her friend's treatment. He had already ordered the bukber menu for nine people according to the initial agreement, costing up to IDR 1 million, but none of his friends came until the evening call to prayer sounded.

This woman's bukber appointment with her best friend is traumatizing  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@mimooo110

" What are you going to do when you've made an appointment for bukber, you've ordered a lot of menu items, but no one is coming???? " wrote the account owner in the caption, as quoted by on Sunday (31/3).

Accompanied by a man who is known to be her husband, Yunida made an appointment to break fast with her friends at a restaurant with a saung concept. Because it was time to break the fast, Yunida made the video while eating tofu, facing a table full of iced tea drinks and food menus that were still wrapped in plastic.

"Just finish everything, no one will come," she said to her husband.

Instead of being annoyed or angry with the situation she was experiencing, Yunida smiled and laughed with her husband. Many netizens wondered why he ordered that much menu in advance. It turns out that this woman's bukber place applies a reservation system where customers must also order the menu to open.

With this system, like it or not, he has to pay for the menu with a nominal value of IDR 1,020,800 because it has been ordered beforehand. You can see that there are lots of menu items to order, such as honey grilled chicken, shrimp with chili sauce, spicy cooked clams, rib soup, Betawi soto, es teler, iced milk soda, and several snacks.

It turns out that it was known from his other uploads that it was not without reason that at this time of breaking the fast, none of his friends came. Yunida uploaded a photo showing the live location of her friends who were apparently stuck in traffic.

This woman's bukber appointment with her best friend is traumatizing  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@mimooo110

" The most appropriate answer... they were in one car stuck in traffic and they were still very far away when they opened 10 minutes later... I was already angry and full of vcalls, so I decided to break my fast, " he concluded.

This 48 second video has been watched 2.7 million times and received tens of thousands of comments from other TikTok users. Not a few people shared their bad experiences when breaking fast together. Not a few people also gave advice to Yunida if she wanted to have another fast.

" It definitely hurts, it's not a money issue but at least they didn't break their promise ," said the account @anggafebriani

" I swear I've been like this, asked for permission to go home early from work, made a table reservation, and when I had broken the fast no one came, and they only came after sunset and the reason was that they had finished opening at their respective homes ," wrote the account @pule_yossi.

" It's wrong to look for a friend, it's better to invite me ," said the account @gatauwho123

" That's why I just made friends at home. so there are sure to be lots of people coming. + after eating you can lie down, " responded the account @dimssmlyn

" When it comes to bukber, at least gather the people first. If you order something like this, they won't come, but what's important is that they have paid for the food they ordered. I'm crying a lot ," commented the account @tasyaoktafiyani


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