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Many are curious, how is Brittany Rice, Abby's twin?

  31 Maret 2024 09:00 - Abby and Brittany are conjoined twins from the United States who are quite famous. In fact, conjoined twins who have two heads are even known to the world. Their activities often attract attention. Of course, there are quite a few who encourage Abby and Brittany.

Recently the world was shocked by the news of the marriage of one of the conjoined twins . According to several sources who reviewed this news, Abby is married to a US Army veteran and nurse, Josh Bowling.

According to an article written by NYPost, the two couples kept their marriage secret from the public until 2023. The news of this marriage was only revealed when photos of their wedding ceremony were uploaded to the TikTok account @abbyandbrittanyhensel.

US Army from various sources

US Army

One of the invited guests even uploaded the couple's wedding moments to Facebook. Abby and Josh looked intimate wearing an all-white sleeveless wedding dress while their lover wore a gray suit.

US Army from various sources

US Army
Facebook/Heidi Bowling

Seen, the groom looks at his lover affectionately while his twin. Meanwhile, Brittany just encouraged her.

Of course, this wedding moment attracted public attention. The reason is that the only person Josh Bowling married was Abby. Then many asked, what about Brittany? Obviously the two cannot be separated, because of the conditions. However, this curiosity has not been answered. But what is certain is that Brittany will continue to be a part of Abby and will be with her twin brother and brother-in-law Josh Bowling.

But the love story of Abby Hensel and Josh Bowling taught many people about the power of true love, resilience and understanding. Even though their physiques are unique, their love proves that hearts know no boundaries. May Abby and Josh always be happy in their life journey.

Abby and Brittany

Abby and her twin sister Brittany were born with dicephalus, which means they have two heads but only one body. Despite their incredible physical challenges, Abby and Brittany grew into strong, passionate individuals. Both work as fifth grade teachers in Minnesota, where their family lives.

In 2021, Abby found the love of her life, namely Josh Bowling, a former soldier. They build sincere and memorable relationships, overcoming any obstacles that may arise. Their wedding was a beautiful moment that touched the hearts of many people.

Rare case

The statement from Philadelphia Hospital that conjoined twins are successfully born is only 1:200,000 cases.

Research also found that around 70 percent of conjoined twins are female, while the majority are stillborn.

One of the survivors with Dicephalus conjoined twins is Abby and Brittany. When they are born they are fused and side by side with the same pelvis.

Their two heads are on one torso, but they have their own organs such as the brain, heart and other organs. Abby and Brittany also share organs below the waist and blood flow.

They even only have one reproductive organ. According to him, Abby controls the right arm and leg, while her twin Brittany controls the left arm and leg.

The twins "Abby and Brittany" appeared on the Oprah Show

The twins were born in 1990 and shared their story with the public in 1996 on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Then, in 2012 they also appeared in a TLC reality show entitled Abby & Brittany. This program aims to follow their lives after graduating from Bethel College in Minnesota through their journey to Europe to teach.

They told how to coordinate their daily activities, such as going to parties and getting food at home.

"In making decisions, there were compromises we had to make," said Abby.

"We take turns. We want to try so that each of us is happy and finds a way to be happy," he continued again.

The reason their parents didn't separate the conjoined twins "Abby and Brittany"

In 2001, Abby and Brittany's parents gave a live interview to Time magazine. Their parents, Mike and Patty, discussed their children's future marriage. Mike explained that his daughter once asked how to find a husband, and suddenly her father thought "why not?".

"They are beautiful girls. They are smart. Everything is going well, they should always be together," said Mike.

Furthermore, when asked why they did not separate the twins at birth, the couple denied this. Not without reason, according to doctors there was little chance the twins would survive the procedure at that time.

"How can you choose between the two?" Mike said.

Mike and Patty then educated their children until they became 5th grade elementary school teachers in the local area.