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Sometimes if you only use mop soap and water, the floor is difficult to shine and becomes rough.

  7 April 2024 16:30 - The floor of the house is one of the areas that gets dirty easily, either because of dust or dirt carried by your feet when you enter the house. Not only that, sometimes food or drink spills directly onto the floor. If it's like this, like it or not, the floor has to be mopped straight away so it's not slippery.

When mopping the floor, a number of people usually rely on floor cleaning fluids that are sold on the market. Just mix the floor cleaning fluid with enough water then sprinkle it evenly on the floor. Then smooth and wipe the entire surface of the floor using a mop.

However, sometimes if you only use mop soap and water, the floor is difficult to shine and becomes rough. It's not surprising that some people end up adding vinegar as a cleaning mixture. The addition of this kitchen ingredient is considered effective in making the appearance of the floor more shiny and rough.

But don't just use vinegar, it turns out there are other cleaning agents that can be used to mop floors. The method was demonstrated by TikTok user @bella_fidellia. In the video upload, this young mother is seen replacing vinegar with two other kitchen ingredients. Curious about how?

How to mop the floor so it is shiny and rough using kitchen ingredients.

Reported by BrilioFood from TikTok @bella_fidellia on Sunday (7/4), the two kitchen ingredients used were dish soap and salt. These two kitchen ingredients were immediately put into the bucket. Then pour hot water into the mixture, stir.

mopping shiny and rough floors  2024

photo: TikTok/@bella-fidellia

Once done, dip the mop in the cleaning solution you have made. Then squeeze and rub the mop evenly over the entire surface of the floor. Without needing to mop twice, the floor immediately looks maximally clean.

"The results are satisfying, the floor becomes a mat and there are no footprints when you step on it," said the owner of the video.

mopping shiny and rough floors  2024

photo: TikTok/@bella-fidellia

Do this process until the entire floor surface in the house is shiny and rough. By using simple ingredients, you can get maximum clean floor results. If it's like this, you'll feel more at home, right?

This video immediately caught the attention of netizens. Some of them even left various responses in the comments column.

"Mopping with s*ngl*ght on the kitchen floor that likes to splatter with oil@...that's science when at GO-CLEAN," wrote the TikTok account @ justIRT.

"I just wash my clothes with laundry soap and mix it with lemon juice to make it cleaner. "The traces of oil or the smell of urine or fishy smells disappear, " said the TikTok account @MomsZalo.

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An easy way to clean dirty and smelly mops.

Cleaning a dirty, smelly mop can be a challenging task, but here are some easy ways to try.

1. Aspiration and vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum with a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and debris stuck to the mop.

2. Wash with soapy water.

Prepare a solution of warm water with a little detergent or all-purpose cleaning fluid. Dip a mop in this solution and scrub gently with a soft brush or soft cloth.

3. Use special cleaners.

There are several special cleaners designed to clean fabrics effectively. You can look for mop cleaner at the nearest household goods store.

4. Wash with washing machine.

If the mop is washable, place it in the washing machine on the appropriate setting for the type of fabric. Add cleaning fluid and after washing, dry the mop well.

5. Soak in cleaning solution.

If the mop is very dirty or smelly, you can soak it in a strong cleaning solution first before washing. Make sure to follow the directions on the label of the cleaner you use.

6. Sun exposure.

After washing, dry the mop in direct sunlight. Sunlight has a natural disinfectant effect and can help eliminate unwanted odors.

7. Use of bleach.

If the mop is white and has stains that are difficult to remove, you might consider using bleach. However, make sure to follow the instructions for use carefully and avoid using bleach on colored or easily damaged fabrics.

8. Repeat the process if necessary.

Sometimes, cleaning a particularly dirty or smelly mop requires a few tries. If there are still stains or odors after the first process, repeat the steps above until the mop is clean and fresh.

Remember to always check the care instructions on the mop label and avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the cloth.

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