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With this trick, the floor becomes rougher and shinier.

  6 April 2024 09:30 - Clean floors will make the house more comfortable. But unfortunately, many people miss the routine of mopping the floor because they are busy . As a result, the floor of the house becomes dirty and slippery. Especially in the kitchen area which is often used for cooking. If you don't clean it often, the floor will become oily.

So, to make the floor of the house clean and smooth again, a number of people have tried adding several additional ingredients, one of which is salt. This kitchen ingredient is believed to be able to help remove stains and oil that stick to the surface of the floor.

But if you don't want the salt stock at home to be wasted, you can copy the trick shown by TikTok user @gocin1302. In one of his uploads, he admitted that he did not use salt to make the floors of his house rough again. He instead relies on a few simple ingredients.

Reported by BrilioFood from TikTok @gocin1302 on Friday (5/4), the ingredients in question are floor cleaning fluid, disinfectant, dab soap, detergent and hot water. Apart from that, he also added 1 kitchen ingredient, namely dishwashing soap.

tricks for mopping floors so they are rough and shiny, add 1 kitchen ingredient  various sources

photo: TikTok/@gocin1302

First of all, prepare the mop that you will use. If so, put enough floor cleaning fluid, disinfectant, dab soap, detergent and dish soap into the mop container. If so, add boiling water to the container.

You can also stir the cleaning fluid with the help of a tool so that it doesn't get directly on your hands. Next, dip the mop into the cleaning mixture, then wring the mop. If so, immediately use a mop to clean the entire floor surface at home.

tricks for mopping floors so they are rough and shiny, add 1 kitchen ingredient  various sources

photo: TikTok/@gocin1302

"I swear I'm not going to lie, mopping is really easy," he explained.

After being mopped using the cleaner formulated earlier, the floor became rougher and shinier. That way, the floor becomes more comfortable when stepped on and the house looks brighter.

"Shiny, shiny, clingy, doormat, original. Come on, let's try it, bro," he concluded.

What's the result? It's fragrant and smelly, right? Since it was uploaded in February 2023, the YouTube user's video has been watched 648 thousand times. Several netizens also enlivened the comments column and provided recommendations for other tricks that are no less effective for mopping the floor.

"I didn't use hot water, I just used floor s*kl*n and the s*nl*g*t also shined," said the account @nurhitorikko.

"I use w*p*l and s*k*in on the floor, it's enough to get really dirty," wrote the account @azkia.sharma.

"I w*p*l with Garem. The doormat is really clean," said the account @tiedderftchimbil.

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How to care for a mop so it doesn't get dirty easily.

To care for your mop so it doesn't get dirty easily, you can follow these steps:

1. Use a mop cover.

Use a mop cover or special cover when not in use to protect the mop from dust and dirt.

2. Keep the room clean.

Keep the room clean regularly so that dust and dirt do not easily stick to the mop.

3. Wash regularly.

Wash the mop regularly according to the instructions for use listed on the cloth label. Use gentle detergents and avoid using harsh bleaches.

4. Dry properly.

Dry the mop in the correct way, avoid drying it in a place exposed to direct sunlight for too long so that the color of the cloth doesn't fade.

5. Store it neatly.

Store the mop neatly after washing and drying to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to it.

6. Avoid mixing.

Avoid mixing the mop with clothes or other dirty objects to avoid contamination by dirt that sticks to other objects.

7. Check the condition regularly.

Check the condition of the mop regularly to ensure there is no damage or wear that could cause the cloth to get dirty more easily.

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