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This substitute for silica gel is easier to obtain because it comes from kitchen spices.

  3 April 2024 03:00 - Nastar is a typical Indonesian cake that is very popular, especially during Hari Raya. This cake is famous for its small shape and sweet taste with pineapple jam filling in the middle. The delicious sweet and savory taste of pineapple makes it a suitable snack to serve on various occasions.

This delicious taste is of course obtained from a manufacturing process that requires special skills, you know. Apart from affecting the taste, the process of making nastar also affects its durability when stored. For example, by using roasted flour and pineapple jam which is made until it is completely dry.

Apart from the manufacturing process, storing nastar well also affects its durability, you know. Usually, pineapple will be stored in a jar that has been filled with silica gel (moisture absorber). This aims to make the pineapple last longer and not get moldy easily.

However, if you have difficulty getting silica gel, don't worry, there are other materials that can be used as moisture absorbers. A YouTube user Linda Gallery once shared this further through one of the uploaded videos. Who would have thought, this substitute for silica gel is easier to obtain because it comes from kitchen spices.

Reported by BrilioFood on Wednesday (2/4), the kitchen spice in question is salt. Yup! Salt basically has the ability to absorb moisture. This is caused by the hygroscopic nature of salt, which means it can attract and absorb water vapor from the surrounding air.

How to store pineapple so it doesn't get moldy for up to 2 months  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Linda Gallery

However, you need to pay attention to how you use this salt, OK? So that the salt can absorb maximum moisture, you have to wrap it in cloth. To do this, prepare a piece of clean cloth. Then put 1 tablespoon of salt into the cloth.

How to store pineapple so it doesn't get moldy for up to 2 months  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Linda Gallery

Next, wrap the salt and tie it with rubber until it is tight. After that, immediately put the cloth containing the salt into the jar containing the nastra. If so, close the jar and place the nastar in the refrigerator (chiller).

"This will last up to 2 months. If you want it to last even longer, put it in the freezer. Then the pineapple cake will last up to 6 months, but make sure the container used is specifically for the freezer so it doesn't break easily because the temperature is quite cold," said the user YouTube Linda Gallery.

How to store pineapple so it doesn't get moldy for up to 2 months  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Linda Gallery

Having been watched more than 12 thousand times, this video about how to store pineapple immediately caught the attention of netizens. Who would have thought, many people also provided direct responses in the comments column. Most of these netizens admitted that they were helped by the very useful way of storing pineapple.

" Thanks for the tips on storing pineapple cakes so they last longer, Sis Linda ," said YouTube @kuswadibuana3908.

" The tips you've been waiting for during the Eid period, God willing, you're successful ," explained YouTube @bungahiasmamake649.

" Wow, this is a very useful way to store pineapple ," said YouTube @notmagictrick9057.

Tips to make pineapple last longer and last longer.

Nastar is one of the dry cakes that easily molds when stored. So that pineapple lasts longer and is stored longer, you can try the following tips:

1. Store in a tight container.

Store pineapple in an airtight container or tight packaging to prevent air from entering and maintain humidity.

2. Store in a cool place.

Place the pineapple in a cool and dry place, such as in the refrigerator or food storage cupboard.

3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Keep pineapple away from direct sunlight which can accelerate damage and discoloration.

4. Use parchment paper.

Wrap the nastar in baking paper before storing it in a container to maintain moisture and quality.

5. Add silica gel.

Place a little silica gel in the nastar container to absorb moisture and maintain its texture.

6. Store in a closed place.

If it is not stored in packaging, make sure the nastar container is tightly closed so that it does not get dust or dirt.

7. Avoid contamination.

Use clean and dry tools when taking pineapple to avoid contamination which can speed up spoilage.

8. Pay attention to the condition of the cake.

Periodically check the condition of the stored nastar, if you see any signs of damage or signs of staleness, throw it away immediately.

9. Use of preservatives.

If you want to store pineapple for a longer period of time, consider adding natural preservatives such as cinnamon or cardamom to the mixture.

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