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The trick shared is really simple, you don't need to bother dismantling the part of the washing machine you want to clean.

  10 Mei 2024 21:00 - Washing machines that are used for a long time are definitely at risk of getting dirty. Usually, moss or scale stains can lodge in the inside and between the washing machine drums. If the washing machine continues to be used without cleaning, the stains may stick to the clothes that are being washed, you know.

These limescale stains also have the potential to hinder and damage the washing machine, so that it cannot work optimally. Many people are confused about how to clean a washing machine , so the washing machine is immediately handed over to a repairman for cleaning. In fact, if you know the trick, you can clean the washing machine yourself at home, you know.

Generally, several parts in the washing machine must be disassembled so that stubborn limescale stains can be cleaned more easily. However, unlike the gentlemen on Yoga Arief's YouTube account, he admits that he has another trick for descaling a washing machine without having to disassemble it at all.

What must be prepared first is a bowl. Fill the bowl with citric acid. Then, pour in enough dish soap. Yup, dishwashing soap is the core kitchen ingredient that must be added to practice this washing machine descaling trick.

After putting the two cleaning ingredients in a bowl, then brew with enough hot water. Stir until the citrus and dish soap are completely dissolved in the water.

Tricks for gentlemen to descale the washing machine  YouTube

Tricks for gentlemen to descale the washing machine
YouTube/Yoga Arief

If so, pour the cleaning agent mixture slowly into the washing machine. After flushing, let it sit for a moment, then flush the inside of the washing machine with clean, normal room temperature water.

"Don't leave it for long, we immediately add cold water, because there is a seal in the machine made of rubber, so it's safe," stressed the owner of the YouTube account Yoga Arief, quoted by BrilioFood on Friday (10/5).

While pouring clean water, manually rotate the washing machine spinner with your hands so that the water can more easily enter the washing machine.

Finally, fill the washing machine with clean water and start the machine as usual. This last process is carried out to rinse the washing machine from any remaining cleaning agent that is still attached. Once rinsed, the washing machine is ready to be used again.

Tricks for gentlemen to descale the washing machine  YouTube

Tricks for gentlemen to descale the washing machine
YouTube/Yoga Arief

How about it, it's really easy to clean limescale in this washing machine, isn't it? Taking a peek at the comments column on Yoga Arief's YouTube upload, which has been watched 463 thousand times, quite a few netizens are inspired by this trick, you know.

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