foto: YouTube/sura blendong

One of the cleaning materials needed can be found in the kitchen.

  15 Mei 2024 21:00 - Headlight protective glass on motorbikes is usually made of polycarbonate or polyacrylate plastic. Motorcycle headlight glass is known to be quite sturdy even though it is often exposed to water and hot sunlight. However, if it has been used for years, the motorbike headlight glass usually easily turns yellowish.

Motorbike headlight glass that is yellow and opaque can make the light from the motorbike lights tend to dim when driving at night. That's why many people choose to dig into their pockets to replace it with a new lamp glass. In fact, if you know the trick, yellow and opaque motorbike headlight glass can be cleaned so it shines again, you know.

One of the netizens on the Sura Blendong YouTube account shared a trick for cleaning yellow and blurry motorbike headlight windows using simple ingredients at home. After all, one of the cleaning materials needed can be found in the kitchen , you know.

So, are you curious about the trick?

The first thing you have to prepare is a bowl for mixing the cleaning agent. Add enough shampoo and toothpaste, then add dish soap. Yup, dishwashing soap is the main kitchen ingredient that must be added to practice this trick for cleaning motorbike headlight glass.

Next, apply the cleaning agent evenly to the surface of the motorbike headlight glass.

Tricks for gentlemen to clean yellow motorbike headlight windows  YouTube

photo: YouTube/sura blendong

If so, rub the motorbike headlight glass with sandpaper. The owner of the YouTube account, Sura Blendong, explained that make sure you use sandpaper with the smoothest texture, namely 1000 grit sandpaper so that it doesn't scratch the motorbike headlight glass.

"When sanding, don't forget to always keep it wet, so you have to keep giving it water," stressed YouTube account owner Sura Blendong, quoted by BrilioFood on Wednesday (15/5).

Tricks for gentlemen to clean yellow motorbike headlight windows  YouTube

photo: YouTube/sura blendong

After sanding, grease the motorbike headlight glass again with a mixture of shampoo, toothpaste and dish soap. Then, rub the motorbike headlight glass using a clean cloth until the result is completely clear.

Tricks for gentlemen to clean yellow motorbike headlight windows  YouTube

photo: YouTube/sura blendong

How about it, this trick for cleaning motorbike headlight glass is really simple, isn't it? Taking a peek at Sura Blendong's YouTube upload, apart from having been watched 133 thousand times, quite a few netizens have left enthusiastic comments about this trick, you know.

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