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This threat was also felt by several of his families and the management team.

  10 Juni 2024 19:20

Brilio.net - Having just finished with household matters, this time Ria Ricis is back in the public discussion. The famous YouTuber filed a report with Polda Metro Jaya after becoming a victim of extortion by someone with the initials J.

After visiting Polda Metro Jaya, Police Commissioner Ade Ary explained that Ria Ricis reported that she had been contacted and threatened by someone with the initials J. The perpetrator threatened to spread Ria Ricis' personal photos and videos on social media.

It is known that the threats received by Ria Ricis were not only directed at her, but this was also felt by several of her family and the management team. Ria Ricis' decision to report this to Polda Metro Jaya was not without reason, because the threats she received had occurred for almost 5 days in a row.

"Today I carried out a follow-up investigation regarding blackmail and threats to use personal data. Here I feel disadvantaged and very threatened, of course," said Ria Ricis, quoted by Cumi-Cumi.

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photo: Instagram/@riaricis1795

Ria Ricis did not explain the details of the case. He admitted that he had submitted evidence related to the alleged extortion to the police.

"We will hand over the rest to the police and investigators. Because I have also handed over the evidence and other things. I hope the investigative team can find the perpetrator," he said.

Not only were there threats to share her personal photos and videos, according to Ria Ricis' statement to Polda Metro Jaya, she also experienced extortion of IDR 300 million as collateral so that her photos would not be distributed. This was also explained by Police Commissioner Ade Ary.

"If the victim does not give the amount of money, among others, what the report said is IDR 300 million," said Ade Ary, quoted from Cumi-Cumi.

Not wanting to worry, this action was the right choice for Ria Ricis after receiving threats from unknown people. He submitted this report of alleged threats and extortion on Friday, June 7 2024 and afterwards was asked for information and what kind of threats he experienced.

Until now, the police have obtained the identity of the perpetrator from the account number given to Ria Ricis. Until this news was written by brilio.net , there was no further information regarding the search process for the perpetrator who threatened and harmed the mother of one child, Monday (10/6).