foto: TikTok/@bttrflying__

This motorbike tire repair shop is called "coquette tire repair" by netizens.

  1 April 2024 05:00 - As someone who always relies on a motorbike for daily mobility, perhaps you have experienced a punctured or burst tire. The moment a tire leaks will ruin your mood, especially if it happens on the way to work. But perhaps what makes you even more annoyed is if you experience a flat tire at night. With the remaining energy after a day's activities, you still have to push the motorbike until you find a repair shop.

If usually motorbike repair shops are synonymous with dark and dim lighting at night, this tire repair shop is different. The concept used by one of the workshops in Yogyakarta has successfully caught the attention of netizens.

Through the upload of TikTok user @bttrflying__, it appears that this tire repair shop has its own charm with its all pink feel. Starting from banners, pink flag ornaments, pink carts, even the t-shirts worn by tire repairmen are also completely pink.

Located right on the side of the road, it is known through the comments column that this workshop is in Yogyakarta, precisely on Jalan Kaliurang KM 8.

This motorbike repair shop has a cute concept all in pink  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@bttrflying__

Not only does it have a cute concept with all pink nuances, but this workshop also has a price banner which has succeeded in making netizens focus wrong. This workshop called "Mister Pinkki Tire Patch" makes price banners with quite deceptive writing .

"CHANGE INNER TIRE, CALL (50,000) NO CALL (50,000)," stated the banner quoted by , Sunday (31/3).

This motorbike repair shop has a cute concept all in pink  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@bttrflying__

Open from 08.00 to 21.00 WIB, Mister Pinkki's tire repair sets a different price during New Year and Eid, namely IDR 20 thousand. This upload in photo slide format succeeded in making TikTok users curious and wanted to try visiting the all-pink workshop.

With the caption "coquette tire patch", this upload was successfully watched 2.3 million times and flooded with 7,830 comments from netizens.

"calling 50,000, not calling 50,000, what's the difference," said the account @dwskrmsyth.

"calls don't call 50 thousand, what's the difference, sob," commented the account @larashiftiaa.

"call 50 thousand, don't call 50 thousand ," said the account @psycheeee25.

"I once stopped here, it was still open, but the father said, "It's still open, but I'm feeling lazy, sis." Work according to the mood, slaaayy kingg '," wrote the account @libraasli_.


"Usually the aura of the tire repair place is very dark, this is glowing ," said the account @imd.18.