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It’s never too late to achieve your dreams! This French model proves just that.

  10 Juni 2016 13:46

Brilio.net/en - Philippe Dumas is 60 years old and decided to become a model. His pictures went viral in the US over the past few days and he has actually not much to do with it! He even confessed recently that he heard about his fast-growing popularity through an American friend of his. He had no idea of the hype that was surrounding him!

The story of Dumas started in 2015 when the sexagenarian posted an album of pictures on the website reddit and commented Retired, but yet not out of date. Id like to realise my oldest dream of becoming a model. Do you think I have a chance? And the Internet cheered with enthusiasm and support!

Rumour has it that it wasn't him who wrote the original post, but rather someone else. In every instance, the real Philippe Dumas revealed himself to the media and is so far the man with the largest number of views on the website.

Since the publication of the photo album, Philippe Dumas received many modeling contracts from various international media. The comments available underneath the pictures are probably of great help, as the appearance of the bearded man has been positively judged with unanimous support.

Even if he says he is very enthusiastic about the success of the first pictures release, Philippe explained in an interview that he remains aware of how easily the Internet can make a star of you one day, and forget about you the next. 15 minutes of fame have shrunken down to 15 seconds of fame with the rise of social media.

At any rate, he showed the world that no matter how old you are, you can still chase after your dreams and that retirement can be rewarding in the most unexpected of ways!



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