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In the world of Louboutin, the “nude” no longer means “white.”

  5 April 2016 12:24

Brilio.net/en - If the idea of creating a series of nude makeup for every skin color is something youve given some thought about, you have to rush because the idea of nude shoes series promoting race diversity is already taken by French designer Christian Louboutin.

Louboutins new definition of nude might be a great relief for those who feel a little bit sad everytime they go to the pharmacy. Ironically enough, when you take a look down at the pharmacys makeup aisle, you might notice that for one color made to match people with the darker skin, there are half a dozen colors that cater to people with various shades white skin.

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In many places, especially in the fashion world, having white skin is considered the default. "Nude" is synonymous with "white." And that's what makes this newest line of red soles so exciting.

Louboutin is renowned for creating inspiring, iconic footwear and his newest shoe line is hitting the headlines for a really interesting reason: its pretty accurate.

In the world of Louboutin, the nude no longer means white. Instead, it means seven shades ranging from porcelain to deep chocolate. This is an increase beyond the brand's past colour offerings, which were limited to just five shades.

The nude shoes collection, called Solasofia ballet flat, are pointed-toe ballet flats in soft leather and adorned with a tiny bow. A design that will give us one more reason to covet a pair of these luxurious shoes.

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Okay great, but why does this matter?

Well, we really need to work to get the idea of "white as the normal" out of our heads, thats why.

A nude for every woman, is not just a tagline. Thats really what its all about. By embracing diversity, we can see a fuller, broader story of who we are as humanity. Nobody should feel excluded from something as simple as finding shoes that match on the basis of their skin tone. White is the default only for as long as we make it that.

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Maybe most of us cant just pick up a new pair of Louboutins flats at the drop of a hat. Maybe the price will always be out of our range (its $595 per pair, by the way), but hey, thats completely okay because, given the brand's influence on the fashion world, we can expect its power to inspire others with the idea of diversity-boosting changes.



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