The fabric of the jacket will allow the person who wears it to interact with other connected electrical devices just by touching it!

  9 Juni 2016 10:58 - Projet Jacquard will be the first jacket that will have the same functions as a smartphone.

The fabric of the jacket will allow the person who wears it to interact with other connected electrical devices, just by touching it just like with a touch screen!

The cell brains developed by Google ATAP are at the root of this project. The objective of those cells was to simply make it easier for people to access their phone or other devices without having to look for it, like while driving for example, or as it is currently tested, for the use of cyclists (bike riders?).

Instead of pulling over when they receive a phone call for example, they will simply have to touch a part of their jacket to answer. The project is not fully developed yet, but an explanation video has been released to present the concept as a public announcement of the collaboration between the two giant companies.

Project Jacquard  2016

Image viatechradar

Developed by google through a Japanese firm, the fabric will be made out of conductive fibres, that can actually be mixed to any kind of fabric. This new technology extends even further extend the boundaries of our already highly-connected everyday lives. We wont have to carry our devices; we will wear them and it will feel just like any other fabric.

Project Jacquard  2016

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As far as yarn thickness goes, were not almost in the same ballpark. [] We are already in the same ballpark. Google has accepted the supply chain for what it is and theres no modification for any of the looms as weve been working with this. Explained Paul Dillinger, the vice president of innovation of Levis.

The engineers are going even further: microphones, led light bulbs and haptic feedbacks are already taken into consideration to be also stitched into the jacket, or any other kind of clothing for that matter.

A test version of the first connected jacket should be created by developers this fall, and the final product available for sell probably around spring time in 2017. So far, no price has been announced yet.



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