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“Sarong, according to Egyptians, is a symbol that a man had done copulating with his partner."

  21 April 2016 11:47

Brilio.net/en - Sarongs, a piece of wide cloth seamed at the ends like an infinity scarf and usually has checker motif, is worn to cover the bottom part for Indonesian men during shalat (the Muslim prayer ritual). Not just for shalat, sarongs are also worn in other informal occasions in Indonesia around the neighborhood, and one can often find it in everyday use.

But in Egypt this doesnt happen. If Indonesian considers the wearing of sarong is normal, Egyptians view it as a shameful act. A sarong is only to be used after a man copulates in Egypt.

Angga Rilitama is a student of Arabic Literature in Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) who was delegated by the university for one semester of study in Egypt. He admitted that he was laughed at when he wore a sarong to go to the Mosque. In Indonesia, Angga is used to attending mass prayer with the complete outfit, which are peci (zucchetto-like headwear), baju koko (mens shirt with Chinese collar), and sarong. Growing up in a pesantren (Muslim ashram) has taught him that sarongs are part of the normal, daily outfit.

The first time he went to pray in the Mosque only 500 meters from his boarding room, he wore the same outfit as he always did in Indonesia. There was a girls school nearby and all of the girls he met smiled knowingly when they saw him. Angga was curious because it happened all the way to the Mosque.

There was a hawker seller asked me about the cloth that I wore, Angga told Brilio.net recently. To the man Angga explained that sarong is the clothes worn to shalat for Muslims in Indonesia. After the explanation, the man nodded but didnt say anything further.

Once he got back to the boarding room, Angga asked a fellow student from Cairo about why he was laughed at by the girls on the way. The answer made Angga never wear sarong again in Egypt.

Sarong, according to Egyptians, is a symbol that a man had done copulating with his partner, or as a short break before continuing the copulation, explained the Cairo boy. From there Angga just realized that the praying habits in all countries are different, even if the religion is the same. The comfortable habits in Indonesia dont apply in Egypt.

When performing shalat, older men wear suit or robe. Younger men usually still use pants, Angga added to his story about the sarong experience in that desert country.

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