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This is the piercing that could cure or deterrent against migraines.

  15 Februari 2016 11:00

Brilio.net/en - At first you might think that this is a newest trendy piercing but this is more than mere trend. This is a piercing through a pressure point in the inner cartilage of either ear called as daith pierching. This is the piercing that could cure or deterrent against migraines.

There are no substantial studies done for this yet but the idea is getting a lot of attention already. The concept is based by acupuncture philosophies that by placing the metal loop at the crux of the ear it will give constant pressure to the spot as well as redirecting blood flow. These points will cause a domino effect that keeps the pressure down in areas of the brain.

One in every five Americans suffers from migraines and this is a solution for the constant and severe headache. There are no consistent treatment methods found yet for this painful neurological disorder so this piercing might be the first relieving news for the migraine sufferers. Tammi Bergman, NP, the specialist of headache relief from ERiver Neurology, said I havent really heard of it yet, none of my patients had done it, she said. It could just be too new, and in the blogs, but often thats where these things get started.

Daith Piercing: not just for fashion or trend but also helps people Daith piercing via various sources

Some people who have tried the daith piercing stated that they havent experienced any migraines ever since. Relief is guaranteed to begin as soon as the skin is punctured. If you want to try this, tell you piercing specialist your intention for doing this and ask them to pierce at the highest crux of the inner fold where the cartilage is thickest. But be careful and warned to see if they use the hygienic tools, in a clean environment and has good references from previous customers. More over, you might go to the acupuncture specialist first (or take them to the piercing shop) to know the exact spot to be pierced.

As more people are helped by this newest method, this might be a new study case for doctors and scientist to develop and spread to all migraines sufferers. Clearly more of alternative traditional eastern healing treatments are making its comeback in this modern world and replacing the western medical science.