Eastern Indonesia never ceases to impress us.

Angga Roni Priambodo   21 August 2017 15:50

“God was smiling when He created Indonesia,” the proverb said — and we believe that it might be right.

Indonesia has places with incomparable wonderful view and one of them is in Widi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku.

Here are ten proof of the beauty of Widi Islands:

1. A hut in the middle of beautiful sea

Image: Instagram/andaruintan

2. Peaceful and quiet atmosphere

Image: Instagram/roroayuku

3. Stunning look of white sand and blue sea combined

Image: Samuel Stonehill

4. Daga Kecil Island in Widi Islands

Image: Instagram.com/ydhyan

5. Sunset in Widi Islands is not something you want to miss

Image: Instagram/serlyindahp

6. Snorkeling? You can do it there too!

Image: Instagram/wisat1

7. Lying down on white sand while enjoying the blue sea might relieve you from daily stress

Image: Instagram/ikafujirahayu8

8. Seafood? Choose as much as you want!

Image: Facebook/Apri Eko Prasetyo

9. If you are lucky, you might witness dolphins jumping on the water

Image: Instagram/nendensinov

10. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

Image: Instagram/ikafujirahayu8



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