Another great place to visit without leaving the country.

  18 August 2017 14:20

Indonesia has wonderful places and one of the most famous places to visit in Indonesia might be Raja Ampat.

However, since it cost quite a lot to go to Raja Ampat. But, there is another place you can go for similar breathtaking view.

With its wonderful view but lower cost, Kei Islands can be your next destination — if Raja Ampat costs too much for you. It is only one hour by flight from Ambon yet it offers a lot of wonderful spots to enjoy.

How does it look like? Check these pictures out!

1. Bair Island

Image: Instagram/Hafiedzuk23

2. Hawang Cave

Image: Instagram/@gustafnifan, @yonas_teniwut

3. Ngurtavur

Image: Instagram/@Hafiedzuk23, @Gary_iskak

4. Pasir panjang


5. Matwear

Image: Instagram/@maya_maskim

6. Ohoidertawun

Image: Instagram/@ommaan77

So, how? They are all amazing, aren’t they?

Annddd.. You do not need to get confused about where to stay since you can find hotels and lodgings there. Plus, you can get 4G signal there. Yay to the great pictures you can take for the 'Gram!

Original article by Wensislaus Noval Rumangun


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