Escape the city's hustle bustle and step into this Chinese food paradise, right in the center of Jakarta.

Krystal Buckle   17 July 2017 16:00

It takes a team of chefs twenty minutes to handcraft each of their signature swan dumplings. The delicate precision of the culinary team at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Li Feng restaurant makes eating there that a little bit tastier.

Li Feng, which translates to ‘beauty in abundance’, aims to support local farmers and their products and provide a space for families and friends to enjoy tasty dishes transformed into visually appealing creations. The dim sum menu features traditional dishes such as Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Shoots and BBQ Pork Char Siew Bun, as well as more creative fusions like Spicy XO Scallop Dumpling, Mushroom Bun with Foie Gras Filling and Crystal Spinach with Crabmeat Dumpling.

Seafood and Crab Meat Dumplings © 2017 Buckle

Sautéed Eggplant and Minced Chicken in Spicy Sauce © 2017 Buckle

A talented culinary team is behind Li Feng’s success, helmed by the gifted Chef Fei and Chef Loy. In 2016, Chef Fei won The Best Chef in China, while Chef Loy has over 12 years of experience in fine dining restaurants in Bali and Dubai. It is not surprising then that their menu effortlessly blends traditional Cantonese dishes with creative contemporary renditions.

Inspired by the rich history of the spices trade between China and Batavia (old Jakarta), glass artwork hangs from the ceiling, sculpted into waves and junk by Helen Poon, an artist from Hong Kong. The ‘Voyage of the South’ artwork features a map of Asia drawn up in 1602 by Italian missionary, Mattero Ricci and is made to illustrate the ancient connection between the two countries.

© 2017 Buckle

Marinated Jelly Fish with Aged Black Vinegar
© 2017 Buckle

Indonesian designer, Poppy Dharsono, is behind the design of Li Feng’s staff uniform, adapted from traditional Chinese garments. Shantung silk cheongsams and tang suit jackets feature colors that represent good luck (red), prosperity (yellow gold) and royal status (blue).

Baked Homemade Egg Tarts © 2017 Buckle

© 2017 Buckle

Li Feng
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Level 2
Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta

Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm
Sat & Sun: 11am-3pm

Mon-Sun: 6pm-10:30pm

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