If Bali and Lombok are somehow too ordinary for your taste, check these virgin islands!

  27 July 2017 11:30

by Kurnia Putri Utomo 

East Java has a lot of interesting natural spots starting from mountains, beaches and lakes. However, not all people know East Java also has wonderful islands you'll want to spend your next holiday at.

Here are some of them:

1. Gili Ketapang Island, Probolinggo’s hidden heaven

Probolinggo has a little island with beautiful beach and to get there, you only need to cross from Probolinggo Deck using small boat that only costs less than Rp 15,000 per person.

That's all you need to pay because everything else is free! If you are lucky, you can meet friendly locals who offer you to stay at their houses so you can stay longer in Gili Ketapang Island.

2. Kangean Island

Kangean Island is located not far away from Sumenep Regency. Not all people know about this island with blue water beach.

It takes eight hours for you to go using Ferry from Sumenep Port or for a shorter trip, you can use a motorboat to reach the island in four hours.

3. Kambing Island

Still around Madura, there is an island with clear water and green hills surrounding the island.

The place is located only 1.5 hours from Sampang sub-district. And no, Pulau Kambing is not populated by kambing (goat). It is just the name.

4. Gili Labak

One of the best islands you can find in Madura is Gili Labak which you can travel from Kalianget Port for only 1.5 hours. Gili Labak is good for those who love snorkeling and enjoying undersea view.

5. Nusa Barong Island

This island also has amazing natural beauty.

It is located in Desa Puger Wetan, Jember and you can come to this place just by using boat for around 2.5 hours. Emerge yourself with the virgin island and blue water. Your holiday will be unforgettable!


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