Complete with Gyoza, Udon and Sashimi.

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Minus the bright lights and famed Shibuya crossing, Jakarta has its own little piece of Japan to call home.

Wedged between Blok M Square and Plaza is an area referred to by locals as ‘Little Tokyo’. Densely populated with sushi and ramen restaurants, a specialty supermarket, numerous Izakaya and even a Daiso, Japanese culture is alive in Melawai.

First stop

La Mouette. This Japanese-French bakery is the ideal starting point for exploring the area. Resist the temptation to fill up on their pastries and pick up a free map from the front window.

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At 7pm every night, watch the Echigoya Ramen chefs making noodles in their glass-encased machine room. With an extensive list of Ramen flavours including Curry, Cheese Miso and Mapo Tofu, their menu is the result of hours of careful preparation.



Echigoya Ramen serve a tasty plate of gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) for 35k.

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Post-work drinks?

Dim lighting is a prerequisite for most Izakaya in Tokyo. Thankfully, Kira Kira Ginza delivers just that. The wood-panelled space features private tatami rooms and its extensive sake collection pairs well with their takoyaki (grilled octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savoury pancake).



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Feeling brave?

Kappo Don serves a rare Japanese delicacy. Blowfish.

Also known as Fugu, it is so poisonous that the smallest error in its preparation could be fatal. Beware of the steep price tag.

In a rush?

Stop by Papaya Fresh Gallery, a Japanese supermarket with a range of fresh sashimi, sushi and imported foods.

Feeling festive?

Every May, Little Tokyo hosts Ennichisai, a Japanese culinary and arts festival blending the old and the new. With more than 150 food and drink stalls and an average of 200 thousand people, Ennichisai provides an opportunity for visitors to fully appreciate what Japanese culture has to offer.


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