But his legal proceedings will keep on going.

Petra Hapsari   14 August 2017 18:15

Actor Tora Sudiro has been allowed to go home after being detained in Drug Addiction Hospital (RSKO), East Jakarta following his arrest for using and possessing psychoactive drug dumolid.

“On August 12, the police at South Jakarta Precinct Police has signed Tora Sudiro’s suspension of detention,” Tora’s lawyer Lidya Wongsonegoro told the media on Monday.

Tora was arrested along with his wife Mike Amalia for drug abuse. Mike was later released as police considered her as victim for only using without possessing.

Tora also admitted that they did not know they need doctor’s prescription to consume dumolid.

“Tora really did not know that this drug (dumolid) was supposed to [be used under] doctor’s prescription. He really needs it. He is sick. But he was supposed to go to doctor to get the drugs,” Lidya  said.

She stated Tora’s case should be a lesson for people to be more aware when they want to use medicine.

“If there is written ‘hard drugs’, then [they have to use it] based on doctor’s prescription,” Lidya continued.

The police let Tora go home with certain conditions including that there must be someone to guarantee he would not tamper the legal process.

“I, as Tora’s lawyer, guarantee that Tora will not make the investigation process difficult. Tora will not eliminate any evidence. These things are ruled by the law,” Lydia added.

South Jakarta Precint Police narcotics unit chief Comr. Vivick Tjangkung stated Tora’s suspension of detention will not stop the legal proceedings.

“The legal proceedings keep on going and on last August 12, the chief of police has signed the suspension of his detention considering Tora’s health condition in which he needs better treatment,” Vivick said.


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