Police found 30 pills of Dumolid at their house.

Petra Hapsari   04 August 2017 11:25

Police arrested actor Tora Sudiro and his wife actress Mieke Amalia for drug abuse.

Police reportedly found 30 pills of Dumolid from the couple’s house at Tangerang.

“It is still in form of pills, not much, [there are only] 30 pills, and we are currently testing the drug content,” said South Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Commr. Iwan Kurniawan.

Both Tora and Mieke had gone through urine test drug to make sure whether they are using them or not, and the results were positive.

Dumolid is known to help people with sleeping disorder. However, since it might cause high addiction, people are prohibited to consume it without prescription.

In 2010, rumor spread that Tora was caught using illegal drugs. However, he denied it and claimed it was a hoax.





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