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“The place and time are not confirmed yet. We will do it abruptly.”

Petra Hapsari   31 July 2017 15:20

The Thousand Islands region will hold a sudden drug test for all of their officials.

“The place and time are not confirmed yet. We will do it abruptly,” said Thousand Islands Regent Irmansyah as cited from

The government will work together with North Jakarta National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to make sure that the officials are drug-free.

The decision has been made following the arrest of a sub-district official for using narcotics.

“The case is now being handled by the police. We ask them to process it based on the law. Do not let it become a bad precedent and let’s make it as a lesson for other officials so they never try to use narcotics,” he added.

BNN is on fire to eradicate narcotics in Indonesia. Its latest report claimed that the agency has uncovered 423 cases just in the first six months of 2017.


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