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The effects are not as happy as the name.

Syifa Fauziah   25 July 2017 15:05

Happy Five, the drug ordered by the son of senior actor Jeremy Thomas, Alex Matthew Thomas, might only has five milligrams of active substance in each serving but it is able to give users hallucination. For long term use, it might lead them to stutter.

National Narcotics Agency (BNN)’s pharmaceutical chemist Sr. Comr. Mufti Djusnir revealed that those who misuse this psychotropic drug will slowly damage their own nerves.

“Have you ever seen a manly-looking guy but stutters when he speaks? Because there is something that makes him like that. He used to speak normally but now he changes," Mufti said in BNN office.

“If the use is prolonged for years, the body immune could get weaker and the damage of nerves will be faster [which causes neurological disorder in the tongue],” He continued.

Besides stuttering, the users usually talk nonsense. Other dangerous effect is they will have impaired thinking.

“The reaction does not take long time. If one consumes it, it will react after 15 to 25 minute, and he/she will feel like he has to take a rest. If he/she keeps on doing activity while the drugs ask the brain to sleep, then he/she will walk unsteadily and also, in the end he/she will talk nonsense.” Mufti added.

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