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Is this the price of love?

Petra Hapsari   02 August 2017 17:00

Fidelis Ari Sudewarto has been sentenced to 8 months of imprisonment and Rp 1 billion fine (or additional 1 month of imprisonment) for growing marijuana to cure his dying wife, Yeni Riawati, who passed away right 32 days after his arrest.

The judges stated that Fidelis is guilty and decided that what he did has met the elements on Law 35 Article 111 and 116 on Narcotics.

“The defendant realized that it is prohibited, but he kept on doing it to cure his wife,” Said the judge.

Following the judges’ decision, public show their disappointment and sympathy.

“#SaveFidelis Fidelis has been convicted with Rp 1 million fine. Do we need [to collect] #KoinuntukFIdelis [Coins for Fidelis]?” - @work_in_silence

“#savefidelis Prosecutors demanded 5 months of imprisonment. Judges decided 8 months of imprisonment plus Rp 1 million fine. Where is the heart of those God’s representatives?” - @ban_karep99

“Don’t give punishment for love struggle #SaveFidelis” - @MeLIndo93

“We shall defend #Kemanusiaan [Humanity] together. It’s a must! Because we, humans, have conscience #SaveFidelis” - @infobencana

“Don’t punish Fidelis because of the country’s incapability. Cc: @LGN_ID #saveFidelis #legalizemedicalmarijuana” - @thefr3y

“#SaveFidelis cannot differ which one is medication which one is abuse....” - @roisday

“#SaveFidelis Set Fidelis free!! Fidelis is not a drug user, or dealer! #fidelisari” - @davidmrln17

“Is it just? When children of minister and artist can be free after taking lives of people while Fidelis is arrested for trying to save a life?” - @Arie_Kriting

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) arrested Fidelis on February 19 for growing marijuana to cure his wife who suffered from Syringomyelia.

Fidelis grew marijuana after getting information that her disease can be healed using cannabis extract as none of traditional medication or doctors could help her.


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