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As they say, there's a reason for every thing.

Petra Hapsari   10 August 2017 10:40

Recently we have heard a lot of names being arrested by National Narcotics Agency (BNN) for drug abuse. But have you ever wondered why one could be addicted to drugs?

Addiction can come from several things, starting from addictive substances such as alcohol and cigarettes, to other habits such as gambling, using gadget, playing video games excessively and even sports.

The process that makes one becoming an addict might be complex. However, there are certain characteristics that might cause someone to become more prone to addiction, such as:

1. Genetic factors in family

Genetic factors might determine how someone behaves and responds to something which has potential to give addictive effects. If someone was born from parents who were or are alcoholic, the risk of being addicted to alcohol will also rise.

However, people with such genetic factors still can avoid being addicted by avoiding the substance or behaviors which might lead into addiction.

2. Experiencing addiction at young age

During young age period such as being childhood or adolescent, a human’s brain is still developing. The development causes them to try new things and take risk since their brains still don't have the perfect part to stop for a while and consider the action they are making.

It also causes addiction at young age such as alcohol or cigarette addiction which might lead them to be addicted again when they are adults. Data from National Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in US shows that 40% of individuals who have tried consuming alcohol before they are 15 are more likely to be alcoholics when they become adults.

Moreover, having one kind of addiction might trigger to another addiction. For example, it is easier for a person who gets addicted to cigarettes to get addicted to alcohol.

3. Having a habit of running away from problems

Running away from problems without trying to solve it is one of reasons for someone to smoke and drink alcohol which they think it might calm them down and help them forget their problems.

However, it can cause depression and anxiety which can worsen or cause new addiction.

4. Living in a troubled family

Having parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is one of the causes of dysfunction in a family since it triggers violence and uncomfortable atmosphere. This environment also increases the risk of their children to be addicted to drugs and alcohol due to anxiety and the feeling of inferiority.

Besides, childhood trauma might also affect the brain chemistry which has role in forming somebody’s behavior and it causes them to be more prone to get addicted.

5. Having the history of mental disorder

People with mental disorder such as trauma, anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder are more prone to have bad ability in dealing with stress. As a result, they tend to not think further and to be controlled by their own emotion which lead them try addictive substances or activity.

6. Being impulsive

Being impulsive causes someone to be prone to not thinking further on what he does. That is a character which increases the risk for someone to be addicted since when he is feeling like to do something, this person will not do it without thinking further.

7. Always wanting to experience certain sensation

The happy feeling as the brain’s chemistry reaction due to the increased dopamine hormone is what addicted people trying to get.

An addicted person tends to experience the strongest sensation of increased dopamine at the first time they tried it. Then, the person will have strong willingness to get the sensation again and again.

However, it causes the body to tolerate the substance which leads him to need it in higher dose to experience the sensation.


The article was previously published in and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


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