Inul Daratista, the dangdut superstar and the karaoke chain owner, claimed she knows nothing about the allegation.

Petra Hapsari   15 July 2017 12:45

An Inul Vizta House of Karaoke in Kediri has been closed and sealed by the police over an allegation of prostitution activities.

There has been no information why exactly they seal it, but rumor has it that it was because there were striptease dances happening in the place.

“That’s a family karaoke so it is not supposed to happen. That place in Kediri is a franchise, and we also just hear the news,” said Inul Daratista's manager Aryani.

Dangdut singer Inul Daratista who is also the owner also said she does not know about it.

“I don’t know. I will confirm it, okay?” Inul told media.

Aryani also said if it was true then they will end the contract.

“That’s a franchise, right? [They] buy franchise from Mbak Inul. If [they] deviated, then probably Mbak Inul will end the contract.”

However, they need to confirm it with the franchise owner before making decision.

“But we have to see first [whether it’s true or not]. We don’t know if the guests brought [the dancer] from outside or how, we do not know. So we need to check the truth,” Aryani added.



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