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So, you're saying it's money that can finally change the region's harsh law?

Petra Hapsari   13 July 2017 16:00

The law on caning in Aceh will be modified following President Joko Widodo's suggestion after the punishment is proven to affect the investors willing to invest in the province and the country.

“It [depends on each’s] perception. But in other country, [the perception towards the caning] is not good, that is why Mr. President asks the Aceh government to explain that caning actually is not like what [others] perceive,” Aceh Deputy Governor Nova Iriansyah to reporters on Tuesday at the State Palace.

The Aceh government then decided to modify the regulation so it does not look as harsh as it is right now.

“The Governor plans to localize the punishment planning. These time [we have been doing it] in public. The meaning of in public itself does not have to be in front of the crowd, [doing it in front of] three or more people is already in public. And, Mr. Governor suggests for the qanun (implementation of sharia law) to not to be changed; only the execution will be changed," Nova continued.

The caning will not be done in public places, yet only inside a prison to avoid it from being viral which might lead to negative perception among investors.

“We will minimize the media coverage [by] doing it inside a prison. Now [maybe we are still doing it] in front of mosques, after Friday prayer, [and] children, who are not supposed to watch, watch it too. I think the central government is right, we need to do something,” Nova added.

Aceh is an area in Indonesia which gets the privilege to apply Sharia law and caning is one of the punishment for people breaking various regulations, ranging from homosexuality to selling alcohol.

The caning punishment does not only create a controversy for locals but also catch the attention of international media.

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