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So you don't waste time using cleaning fluids and fragrances.

  8 April 2024 14:00 - Who doesn't know blankets? This sleeping equipment really provides comfort and gives a warm feeling when worn at night. Usually blankets are made from soft fabric, this will certainly improve the quality of sleep so that it is calmer and more restful.

Because every day it is used, the appearance of the blanket sometimes becomes dirty . Not to mention, the blanket also smells bad. Knowing this, a number of people immediately washed their blankets with detergent as usual. Once clean, the blanket is then dried in the sun.

Even though it is clean, a blanket that has been washed clean will actually have a rough texture. Not only that, the smell also becomes musty when you smell it. If it's like this, like it or not, you have to wash it again, right?

To overcome this, you can copy the method for washing blankets shown by YouTube user Laundry Ria. In his video upload, this netizen shows every step in washing a blanket so that the result smells good and is softer.

Tricks for washing musty blankets to make them soft and fragrant.

The first step, pour 10 liters of water into the bucket. Then, pour one food ingredient, namely table vinegar, into it. For a dose of 10 liters of water, this netizen only uses 3 capfuls of vinegar. Once done, put the blanket in the bucket and stir it with your hands.

"No need to soak it for hours, when it's all wet, immediately drain the blanket on top of the basket like this," he said, quoted by BrilioFood from YouTube Laundry ria on Monday (8/4).

wash musty smelling blankets  2024

photo: YouTube/Laundry ria

To dry completely, the blanket is then put into the washing machine. After that, take the blanket out of the washing machine. Don't dry it directly, put the blanket in a clothes freshener solution.

"We soak it, we turn it back and forth, and we wait for 5 minutes," explained the video owner.

wash musty smelling blankets  2024

photo: YouTube/Laundry ria

After 5 minutes of soaking in the clothing freshener solution, the blanket doesn't need to be wrung out any more. Just wring it out and dry it in the washing machine. If so, dry it in the sun. Because it has been washed, rinsed using a vinegar solution, and also soaked in a clothing freshener solution, the blanket is as clean as possible. There is no longer a musty smell and the texture of the blanket feels smoother.

wash musty smelling blankets  2024

photo: YouTube/Laundry ria

How to fold blankets so they are neat like in a hotel.

Folding the blanket so it looks neat like in a hotel can be done in a few simple steps. Here's how to fold a blanket neatly.

1. Place the blanket on a bed or other flat surface.
2. Flatten the blanket so that there are no visible folds or wrinkles.
3. Fold one side of the blanket towards the middle so that the edge is in the middle.
4. Fold the other side so that it meets the first side that was folded earlier. Make sure both ends of the blanket meet each other symmetrically.
5. Make sure the edges of the blanket are straight.
6. Fold the bottom of the blanket up to form a rectangle.
7. Make small adjustments so the blanket looks neat and symmetrical.
8. After the blanket is folded neatly, you can store it in a cupboard or other storage place.

By following the steps above, you can fold the blanket neatly like in a hotel. Remember to flatten the blanket and keep the folds neat for best results.

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